All The Small Rooms: How To Make Your Home Look Like New Without The Stress


Home makeovers are a bit of a mixed bag for the homeowner, really. Sure, they boost the resale value, and they undoubtedly make the place look better. On the other hand, it is a lot of work. But the trickiest part for a lot of people is the fact that while it’s ongoing, your life gets taken over.

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Say for example you’re overhauling your living room. Walls and ceiling to be painted, carpets or flooring to be laid. It is going to take time and it’s going to result in upheaval. For the duration of this makeover, your cozy, relaxing living room is going to be a chaotic mess of paint trays, tools and stressed people. You could temporarily rename it the “Stressing Room” because not much living is going on there.


If you want to bring your home up to another level, there is a way of doing it without piling on too much stress right now. Unless your living room (and bedroom) is in really dire need of an overhaul, look elsewhere. There are rooms you can do without having to create excess stress. Or at least without having to put life on pause.


All The Small Rooms: Making A Big Difference In Little Areas


A lot of the stress of decorating a larger room comes when you have to move things out of the way. Not only does it make the living room less livable, but it crams space in other places too. Not only that but sometimes not everything gets moved back in at the same time. “Did we always have a printer in the kitchen?” is a frequently asked question in homes undergoing renovation.


When you decorate a smaller room, there are the same considerations as for bigger rooms. They’re just shrunken down to a level where they’re easily tolerable. “Has anyone seen the toothpaste?” is a much less plaintive question than “Where has the TV gone?”.
Less Cash, Less Stress: It Won’t Bust Your Budget

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One reason to redo bathroom, kitchen and any utility rooms is the fact that it’s not a significant financial commitment either. Sure, you may want to make it a little more fancy, but it’s not essential, and the smaller size of the room means fewer of those touches are needed.


Paint, brushes, flooring and other items can be bought in smaller quantities. Things get installed in less time. And in the end, they allow you to make your home look newer and more dynamic while not overspending.


It’s Almost Fun


DIY divides people into those who hate it and those who enjoy it. Some people are genuinely never happier than when painting a room or sanding down a door frame. However, even the DIY-phobic can be persuaded to enjoy a kitchen or bathroom remodel.


For one thing, you can be more expressive with the colors. It’s hard to get excited about making a wall more magnolia. In a smaller room without the same need for uniformity, you can go bolder. For another, obviously you can do three smaller rooms in much the same time it takes to do one living room.


Not least of all, once it’s done or if you just need a break, the sofa is still where you expect it to be and the TV still plugged in!

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