All You Need to Know About Raising the American Flag


All You Need to Know About Raising the American Flag

How do you tell a person’s nationality? How do you determine if a person is a patriotic citizen or not? Being patriotic is an important attribute and there are many ways that one can show where their patriotism lies. Some people may show the level of patriotism by observing state celebrations or being able to recite the national anthem. However, a true American shows how proud they are of their nationality by hoisting the American flag outside their homes, at their place of work and even inside the home.

A flag is considered a sacred item that conveys the values, ambitions, and ideals of a country or state, or organization. Because of such weighty significance, the flag is held and used respectfully. If you wish to have the US flag outside your home, you should know the following things:

1. You need to be more specific about the size of the flag and the pole
You cannot pick a flag and the pole randomly. There are proportionality features that must be considered for you to be deemed a patriotic and respectful citizen. As a general rule of the thumb, the size of the flag depends on the height of the flag pole.

The best size flag for my pole is at least a fourth but not more than half the total height of the pole. You don’t want an awkward looking national flag on the front porch. To get the most proportionate size, look up the information from your flag designer’s site. An example is an 8’×12’ flag for a pole with an exposed height of 40’.
The US flag should always be larger than any other flag you may have in your home or office.

2. Do not hoist different types of flags without regard to order

There are various types of flags that you can have at your home or the office. There is the American national flag, state flags, military, and historical flags. To be on the right side of the rules, the United States Flag must always be above other flags. The state flag comes after the national flag and lastly, you have the military or the army flag. This is the order to be maintained for flags on one pole.

When you have various military flags you wish displayed on the same pole, the order from the top to the bottom is the Army, Marine, Navy, Airforce, and finally the Coast Guard.

3. Conditions applicable to half-staff hoisting

When flags fly half-staff, the national flag should be on top at all times and all the other flags below it or at the same level if on different poles.

4. Flags from different countries

As long as two or more countries are at peace, the flags should be hoisted on different poles and at the same time. The flags should be raised and lowered simultaneously.

5. Flying the flag 24-7

Normally, the flag should be displayed from sunrise to sunset. However, if you wish to display the flag 24-7, the flags must be illuminated in the dark.

In conclusion, to be in good standing with the government, adhere to these simple rules. Such considerations are essential and they will guide when getting a flag and raising it the right way.

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Simon Clay is a freelance writer and a graphic designer. Check out his blog for more information on the best size flag for my pole and where to buy the best flag and a flag pole.


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