Keep Out! Don’t Make Your Home An Attractive Prospect For Burglars

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Our homes are our castles, our fortresses, and our safe havens, so the idea of an unwanted intruder can, understandably, cause a lot of anxiety for homeowners. Many common mistakes that people make regarding their home security tend to be surrounding advertising their homes to thieves. Whether it’s leaving a bathroom window open all the time, or letting their security system get dated, it’s easy to demonstrate opportunities to potential burglars, without even realising we are doing it. The best course of action for protecting our homes isn’t a convoluted system of lasers and bear traps, but simply being mindful of how opportunistic thieves could see our homes. It’s time to think like a thief and make our homes safe.

Spend some money on the locks

Thieves spend a lot of time working with locks, perhaps unsurprisingly, so they can pick cheap and easily broken locks from a line up with no difficulty. Our doors and windows are obviously the easiest access points to our homes, so thieves will always check out how heavy duty the locks are. Cheap or poorly made locks are easily broken or simple to pick, but we don’t have to pay a whole lot more for better quality and safer options.

Keep the yard clear and well lit

An overgrown yard with no security lighting is a great place of a burglar to hide and scope out the property, waiting for us to leave so they can make their entry. A clear yard, with hedges cut back and no junk, offers no hiding places. A good quality, bright and automatic security light makes the garden an unattractive place to hide, and can even spook a potential burglar, who will choose to move on and not risk being caught.

Go for a good quality gate

An electric gate to your property, such as those found on, are a great deterrent for burglars. Not only are they difficult to get past, but they also demonstrate to everyone who passes that you take your home security seriously, so it’s not even worth trying. An electric gate with an internal intercom system is a bonus – nobody can get through the gate until you okay it.

Install a modern alarm system

Many people mistakenly think that just having an alarm should be a suitable deterrent, but modern burglars have become wise to this type of security. They are able to determine the system and bypass older models easily, so it’s worth keeping it up to date. Keep your alarm panel out of sight of doors and windows too, so they don’t get the opportunity to get too much information about the system you use.

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Don’t advertise expensive goods

Keep any expensive goods such as handbags, mobile phones, laptops and tablets out of sight of doors and windows –  opportunistic thieves will be more likely to wait around for their opportunity if they know exactly where their target is. On the same vein, don’t leave wrappers or boxes for new electronic goods outside for the trashman, nothing screams “burglarize me” more than a cardboard box for a new Macbook.

Be social media savvy

Over recent years, many more home robberies are occurring as a result of people posting their holiday plans on Twitter or Instagram, and the information subsequently making it into the wrong hands. Avoid the temptation to excitedly post that you’re about to embark on the trip of a lifetime, and wait until you’re home to tell people. There’s no point advertising that your home is empty to anyone on the internet. It’s also a good idea to have this same conversation with children and teenagers in your household as part of a conversation about general online safety.

Make your home look lived in

When you’re on vacation, don’t let your home scream “choose me, choose me.” Post left out, open curtains at night, and even no car in the drive can advertise to burglars that they’ve got a good opportunity to get in, without being caught. If you’d rather not employ someone to housesit for the length of your vacation, ask a friend or neighbor to pop in daily to take in the post, draw blinds, turn lights on, and make the home look lived in. Ensure they come at different times each day, so that anyone staking out the house doesn’t know exactly what time it will be empty – it makes a huge difference.

Home security is all about looking at your home through the eyes of an opportunistic burglar, and removing anything that makes it an attractive prospect.



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