Make Valentine’s Day A Little Different This Year

Who wants to have the same cliche Valentine’s day year after year? Valentine’s day isn’t too far off, and with this post, you could make it a bit different this year. Forget the chocolate and flowers. Use these tips to have a fun and unique day!

Make A Gift Yourself

Instead of going out and buying a cliche gift for your loved one, why not make a gift yourself? You could give them a handmade card, make them a cake, or make something extra special depending on what your skills are. It doesn’t need to be a physical item. Have you thought about writing them a poem, or even composing a song? Show them how much they mean to you without being a slave to consumerism!


Find Something Personalized

Personalized gifts tend to mean a lot more than run of the mill gifts you find in just about any card shop. You don’t need to spend half of your salary either when you can use Shutterfly coupons to help get some money off. Maybe you could buy a personalized piece of jewelry, or a mug.


Go On An Adventure

Instead of going to a fancy restaurant, go on an adventure! You have so many options. You could do something active, like hiking, snowboarding, zorbing, or bungee jumping. These things are bound to give you a bit of an adrenaline rush, as well as keep you fit! And you know what they say, couples who work out together, stay together! If you don’t want to do something as exhausting, you could always go to a gig. You’ll still get an adrenaline rush, you just want have to jump off a ledge to do it!

Avoid All The Cliches

Do your best to avoid all the cliches this year. Make Valentine’s day your own, rather than something people say it should be. Instead of going for a meal, you can cook a meal at home, or cozy up with a film. There’s nothing wrong with staying in, especially when you’ll save money and likely have more fun!


Make Them A Playlist

Making a playlist (or a CD), is pretty old-skool, yet people don’t seem to do it anymore! You’ve probably heard of people making mixtapes for each other at the height of their puppy love. Why not make a thoughtful playlist for your loved one? Give it a theme and have fun with it. You can do this with apps like Spotify for free, or you could do it the traditional way and record your songs with the radio and a cassette. It’s up to you!\

There’s no reason to have a cliche Valentine’s day and follow the crowd. Use these tips and you’ll be able to celebrate your love in your own way. You could even ignore Valentine’s day altogether, and simply make an effort to show your love for one another all year round! What are your thoughts on Valentine’s day? Let me know in the comments; I’d love to hear your ideas. Thanks for reading!



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