Quick Ways You Can Live A More Eco Friendly Life


Becoming more eco-friendly is a great way of helping the environment and doing your bit to conserve resources. But it can sometimes be too much effort to make big changes, even if the payoff is a more eco-friendly life. However you don’t always have to make huge changes, small ones can work just as well. Read on for a list of suggestions.


Recycle glass


Glass doesn’t biodegrade, that means it stays where ever you put it. Which is a very bad thing if the place you are putting it is a landfill site.
Instead, recycle all glass packaging and items that come from your home. You can do this by putting them out to be collected separately from your trash. Or, eco-friendly creatives type have found other uses for glass bottles, such as building them into walls to let in light and create beautiful patterns.

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Either way recycling glass and other materials is an essential part being eco-friendly, and it only takes a minute to put it in the right tub. If you would like to find out more information about this, check out this recycling infographic.


Repurpose old furniture


Home decor styles change so fast these days. It can seem like as soon as you have your home just the way you want it, the furniture is starting to look out of date. The problem with this is not only the immense cost of buying new stuff for your home. But all the waste that it creates as well. That is why it’s much better to re-purpose old pieces of furniture instead of buying new pieces.


In fact, this has become quite a trend, and there are a lot of clever idea on how to do this. Such as using drawers as shelves, or pets beds and using bed frames for benches. You will be surprised at how much fun a repurposing project can be, as it allows you the chance to get really creative. Plus you don’t have a spend an age on them either as there are some that can produce super quick results.


Compost your food waste


So much of our rubbish is created in the kitchen, but it only takes a minute to pop some of those items into a different bin, to be collected up and reused later. Biodegradable things like vegetable peelings, cardboard and food waste can be collected in small bins. Then taken out to the garden at a later date to be added to the compost pile.


Not only is this a great way of cutting down on your rubbish. It is also a fantastic resource that saves you money because it means you don’t have to buy chemical fertilisers to use on your plants!


Reuse plastic containers for storage


Another super quick and easy eco-friendly solution is to use plastic containers over and over again. For example, if you get a takeaway meal, wash out the containers instead of throwing them away. Then they can be used as lunch boxes, or to store soups and sauces in the fridge or freezer.


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