Skin As Red As A Tomato: Top Reasons Why Your Skin Is Getting Irritated

It’s never good when we look in the mirror and see our skin is a tad on the red side. Often, we can’t figure out why that it has occurred. But it can make us feel embarrassed to go and face the outside world. And as much as you can cover your body in the foundation to tone down the red, it’s still hard to hide. But it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Here are some top reasons why your skin is getting irritated, and you look as red as a tomato!





You are allergic to your washing detergent

When you find your skin is red, it can be hard to put your finger on why. But the first thing you should consider is what washing detergent are you using. If you have recently changed to a new one, it could be the reason for the irritation to your skin. After all, if you have washed your clothes and bedding in it, you could be now facing the consequences. You could easily check by washing your stuff with a different detergent. If you notice a difference to your skin, it’s best to stick to this one and throw away the other detergent. And if you add any kind of scent booster to your washing when it goes in the machine, check to see if this could be irritating your skin.

You are being bitten by bugs

A lot of people are left feeling confuzzled when they wake up in the morning with red, irritated skin. After all, they have just been to sleep during the night. But it could be down to pests in your home. After all, red, irritated skin is a sign of pests like bed bugs or mosquitos. Therefore, it’s time to take action if you do have pests in your home. First, you should check for other signs there are pests in your home. You might be able to spot red marks on the walls or in your bedding if you do have the bugs. You could also contact a 24 Hourly Pest Control company who will check your home at a convenient time. They will remove the bugs quickly so that you don’t have to face irritated skin anymore. And remember after the pests have been removed, you should wash all your sheets and vacuum around the house. That way, you will leave no trace of the annoying pests in your home!

Your makeup isn’t right for your skin

You have to be so careful when choosing makeup for your skin. After all, not all makeup is suitable for everyone. And if you pick up something which isn’t right for your skin, you could end up with red skin. Therefore, make sure you check out the different types before you end up buying something. You can often find natural makeup which has been designed specifically for sensitive skin. That way, you can look fabulous without having to face a red glow the next day. And remember to talk to a makeup advisor as they will be able to point you in the right direction for makeup which will not cause you an issue. And whatever you do, make sure you take your makeup off at night. After all, leaving it on will irritate your skin in the night, and you are bound to wake up with irritated skin!

Your pet is covered in fleas

You might be surprised to know that a cuddle with your favorite furry friend could be causing you to get red skin. If you find that your skin does go red and irritated after being around your pet, it could be a sign your pet has picked up fleas. It’s common for this to happen, especially if they are not having any preventive. And while fleas won’t stick around on humans, they can bite and irritate your skin. Therefore, ensure you get a spot-on flea preventive which will ensure they are flea-free. And then you can get some sprays for your home to clear any trace of the fleas.

You are suffering from anxiety

It’s important to think about how you are feeling when you are noticing your red skin. After all, if you are feeling stressed and anxious, it could be the cause of your red skin. In fact, it’s one of the top signs of anxiety. After all, when you are feeling nervous, it triggers a stress response which can turn your skin red. And anxiety can also cause a rash which can make you start itching. Therefore, try and keep calm in your life and find ways to deal with your anxiety. That way, you can say goodbye to red skin for good!

You are using poor facial products

You should also consider what facial products you are using which might be irritating your skin. After all, skin products like wrinkle creams and cleansers contain acids which can react badly with your skin. In fact, as this article says, if you do feel stinging or burning when applying the facial products, you should stop immediately for the sake of your pores. And then instead of opting for these facial products again, you should go for natural products which won’t irritate your skin. Or you could even make your own which would be a perfect way to ensure no irritants are added to the products.

You are not using proper sun protection

It’s so important that you are wearing proper sun protection when you head outside in the sunshine. Even if you don’t feel it’s a hot day, you could still end up with irritated skin if you spend time in the sun. And it’s so easy to get heat rash as well if you are out in the sun and you are sweating. Therefore, make sure you have a good protector on with SPF which will stop your skin getting irritated by the sun. And make sure you are hydrating while outside too for the sake of your body!
And remember that your red skin could be down to the material of your clothes. You might find that particular materials like wool and leather cause an infection in your skin. Therefore, avoid wearing these for the sake of your skin!

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