The Six Steps of Authentic Motor Vehicle Inspection

Whether you are a collector or you just prefer buying used vehicles, inspection is crucial. Trusting a seller with their word is important but given the fact that you are going to spend money on the car, you must get true value for the car. A car certainly looks good from the outside when it is being sold but the internal mechanisms must be rechecked by an expert for your money’s worth.

Here are the steps of the inspection process:

  • Place an order

With there being many vehicle inspection companies, you must check the licensing of the company and their experience in the field. Once you are satisfied, call the company or place an online order for inspection. Seller’s information should be included.

  • Appointment and Inspection

Once you give your information and the information of the seller, the seller will be contacted by the inspector. The vehicle’s information will be verified and the car inspected as agreed between the inspector and the seller.

  • Experian Auto-check

Are you looking for the full history of the car? Do you want to know the car’s history, the different owners, mileage, accident reports etc.? If so, then you should visit Lemon Squad for expedited and professional Experian auto-check. The steering, brakes, and the suspension will be inspected too.

ABS as well as the functionality of the airbag will be inspected too. To ensure that all the grounds are covered, the inspector will take the car to a road test that to ensure that everything mentioned to be in good condition is in actual great shape.

  • Assessment of the market value

Most sellers look for opportunities to get as much as possible from their cars. This means that they can easily inflate the car prices disproportionately from the car’s true value. To prevent this from happening, professional inspectors and assessors will give the exact value of the car after their inspection. As a result, you will only pay the car’s true worth and this gives you peace of mind knowing that you haven’t been ripped off.

When placing an inspection order online, remember to include valuation towards the end of the checking out process for the car’s true value.

  • Engine oil inspection

As the heart of the car, the engine must be inspected thoroughly and professionally. The state of the engine will determine whether you will buy the car or not. To know more about the engine, the inspector has to analyze the engine oil. The engine oil analysis sheds more light on the age of the car as well the general functionality of the engine. The oil sample will be tested in the lab meaning that the report received will be comprehensive and a true representative of the car’s condition.

  • Receipt of report

Once the inspection is completed, the inspector will give Lemon Squad the results which will be intricately checked and reviewed. The final report will then be sent to you via email.

In conclusion, professional car inspection is the most important step that will prevent your hard-earned money from going down the drain. Regardless of the car seller, a friend, family, or a stranger the car must be inspected by a professional. The best inspection companies offer inspection for general vehicles, exotic vehicles, vehicles for commercial use, and inspection for the vintage collection.

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James Corden is a car inspection officer with extensive experience in vintage and exotic re-sold cars. To get him working on your next investment, visit Lemon Squad today. You can as well follow him on his twitter handle @




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