Why 4G technology is incredibly boosting EE services

EE is currently the biggest and the most complex digital communications business in the whole of the UK. It delivers mobile and landline services to new and existing customers. Their customer base is something to the tune of 31 million customers.

Driven by technology

EE is the best place for you. Many people have moved to EE from other service providers because their 4G network technology is over 50% faster than any other providers. This makes it ideal for downloading any type of media, which is definitely something you don’t want to miss.  Due to their technology that has greatly increased the speed of their service, they have won many awards both nationally and internationally.

EE recently joined BT. This union increased the population coverage of EE to the rural areas often neglected by other network providers. BT has deployed fibre technology to help improve the internet services provided by EE especially to the rural areas. The company aims to bring 4G network to 95% of the UK by 2020. So wherever you are in the UK, EE will be right there with you.

EE is not leaving security to chance. Criminals are working hard day and night to get into your business systems and mess up with you. EE has improved its security technology over the years to give businesses a safe environment to operate in. Their 4G EE bundles have built-in security as a standard.

EE is taking high speed internet technology to the streets too. Whichever the type of public Wi-Fi you want, they will give it to you. Their aim is to ensure that your business has a fast and reliable internet access for your employees, business partners and customers. What’s more, they will take care of the installation and management for you so that your focus is on your business.

Healthcare providers have a reason to smile because of EE. They have come up with an interesting technologyto be reminding patients of their appointments. They call it intelligent messaging for healthcare. Once the patients have received the SMS, they can either confirm or reschedule appointment. Is this not inspiring?

Excellent Customer Service

EE has excellent customer service. This has made it thrive in the digital business. Their website is very informative and you can get a great deal of help there. If you don’t get help there, you can call the EE customer service number directly. Their customer service department can be contacted any time of the day every day. Some of the reasons you might want to call them include:

  • Customer issues
  • Service cancellation
  • Wanting to upgrade your tariff or handset
  • To change your phone number
  • Lack of coverage
  • Issues with data plans
  • Reporting theft
  • Billing errors
  • Updating account details
  • Advice or general questions

If you have an issue that is not an emergency, you can send them an email and they will reply promptly.

EE offers the best. You can join their network and experience the high speed internet technology.


Jesse Tolbert is a digital marketing consultant. He is also a technology enthusiast. He has ten years experience working with telecommunications companies as a digital marketer. You can visit his website to get more of his contributions on technology and to get EE customer service number


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