Buying For The Biker In Your Life


Buying for anyone can be stressful! Presents, wrapping, research! You just want to impress them and give them the gift they deserve.

If you’ve got a biker in your life, they will always want the latest gadget or an upgrade to the gear that keeps them safe on the road – the trouble is, you might know nothing about bikes!

Worry not, though – we’re here to help you sift through. We’ll explain the gear and the gadgets so you can sift through and buy your biker the perfect gift.


So, the helmet. It’s illegal in most places to ride without one, so keep that in mind. Also, it’s going to keep the skull nice and safe in the event of a crash – it’s a lifesaver. Helmets are extremely strong but can be ruined and worn out easily, decreasing its ability to keep your biker safe. No biker is going to say no to a decent helmet like the Shark Raw, so don’t be afraid to opt for a helmet as a go-to option, just look inside the bowl of a current helmet to identify the correct size.


Most riders have a camera these days and it’s a great idea. Not only can it display footage of a ride, but it can provide crucial proof in the incident of a road accident. There are plenty of options and some cheaper ones too, so don’t be afraid to bundle a small bike camera in as part of a gift package! If you’re bundling it in with a helmet, check if the camera can be mounted before splashing the cash.


A Bluetooth headset is essential to a modern ride. This enables the biker to speak to their riding pals and communicates with their phone. If it is usual that your biker can’t get in touch when on the ride, it’s in your hands to change that by gifting them Bluetooth capabilities via a headset. What’s more, if you know that the biker in your life loves music and endures long distance rides, then there are speaker options available that use the helmet as a sound system. This could change the way they ride and make it a lot more enjoyable on the road.


Along with the helmet, a durable jacket is an essential and a good choice will last for years. There are stylish options aplenty in terms of a jacket, and if you’ve noticed that your biker’s jacket is a bit – well – dull, you can upgrade it for them! Just value safety over style here! The same goes for boots, and worn boots are a detriment to the safety of a bike rider. Boots protect the feet and are valuable. Plus – there some flashy options available. Gear is quite technical, and the value might only be known to veterans, so consult a site like Bikers Basics on your choice of gear before you buy!


It doesn’t have to be hard work to outfit your biker, so don’t be afraid to look into their world to get them the perfect gift.


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