Finding Your Forever Home


There will be one house that you will consider as your forever home. If you’re not there yet, you’ll get there eventually; it is the house that you know you will never leave. This can be quite the disenchanting thought for those who don’t think they’ve gotten to that stage yet, but it could just be that you haven’t fallen in love enough with your home to warrant such a strong emotion.

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Get your house up to the standard that you want to be living in forever. It’s not a quick process and requires looking at the bigger picture – if you want to live in the suburbs but currently live in the inner city, this is something that won’t change unless you physically get up and move locations. There’s no amount of work that you can do to that house to make it into your forever home.


But if the location is and size is right? Then you’re all set…


Channel Your Inner Interior Design Demon


There may be remnants of the ‘people of old’ still around your house – i.e. the previous owners. It may be that their taste in wallpaper is still hanging around your landing, or their favourite colour is adorning your downstairs bathroom. Maybe the rose they planted for their anniversary is still pride of place on your front lawn, or their kids etchings are still on the floorboards in your bedroom. Some you may like and want to keep for their quirkiness or likeness to your own style, but if it is anything out of place with something that you can feel comfortable with for the rest of your time there then get rid. It should hold no sentimental value to yourself; you need a home to make your own memories, not live off of someone else’s.


Get Creative
If you own your own home, there’s no limit to what you can do to either the inside or the outside (as long as you are abiding with certain laws). There are a number of home improvement loans that you could consider taking out to help you on your way to getting it up to scratch and looking tip-top without having to wait and save to get the work done. If you know you want something doing, go with your gut feeling and get it done. Lay out some mood boards and decide how you want each room to look for the longest term that you can envisage. If you have children this can be hard; what you ultimately want their rooms to turn into when they move out is not something that can be put into practise, and would probably offend and give the wrong impression should you start mentioning it to them. It may be that you see your forever home as having a continual space for them or any other family members; get them to help with your input.

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Make It Last


Go for materials that you know will last and require the least work to upkeep. A good example of this would be choosing hardwood timber over laminate flooring; the lifespan of each one varies drastically, with laminate lasting for around 10 years and timber lasting for centuries. The difference is phenomenal, and it’s these little touches that you need to look out for as so to keep a constant. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you are limited to no redecoration work after your initial overhaul – paint will always need touching up, trends will always change and your style can vary over time. If you keep towards the classic route with things that don’t go out of style – monochrome tiles, neutral colours etc – you are more likely to keep your love for them over time than grow out of a fad you were going through and end up resenting it.


Make It Happy
If you have bad memories residing within a house, there’s less chance that you will want to stay there. Even if it is your perfect idea of what you want to grow old with, if there is negativity floating around it then it is not something that you can be comfortable with. Concentrate on making happy memories and spreading love around your home. As long as you know that the feeling is right, no amount of material possessions will be able to add to or take away from the joy that you have created within it – and this is the most important deciding factor of which house you will keep forever.


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