Highly Popular Spices From All Around The World


Highly Popular Spices From All Around The World

There are literally hundreds of thousands of recipes that you can cook right now. It is practically impossible not to find something you will appreciate. However, all recipes would turn out horribly without spices. You can easily use great steak knives (like these sets reviewed by CT), have a perfect cut and the exact cooking time and end up with something that does not taste great if you do not have the right spices.

Hundreds of spices can be discussed. You will love some and you will hate others. Subjectivity is a huge part of cooking. However, some spices are way more popular than others. These are the ones we will focus on in the following lines.

Black Pepper

There is absolutely no need to have an introduction when referring to black pepper. We see it as a table condiment and seasoning in practically all restaurants. It is used in so many soups, salads, beverages, sauces, meats and even in some desserts.
In most cases we see the spice being used under the form of fine powder. However, even just as seeds the black pepper is preferred.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin stands out for many as being the most popular of all the world’s spices. You can use it in so many interesting recipes but you can also find it as the foundation of really popular spice mixes, with Jamaican Jerk spice and Garam Masala being among the most popular.
Cumin is interesting because of the earthy flavor that it offers. When you roast it everything is more likeable and pleasant. The addition of the spice is really popular in potato-based fillings. You can use the spice as seeds, as a whole or under powder form. To make matters even more interesting, recent research highlights that cumin helps people that are faced with cholesterol problems. Digestion is improved and immunity is boosted. At the same time, bronchitis and asthma symptoms are reduced.


You get this spice from various trees, from their inner bark. You use it in many recipes, including desserts. Cinnamon is particularly popular in Indian dishes, Afghan dishes and basically anything curry based. Even some honey will use cinnamon, together with dried roses and saffron as extra flavor.

Cinnamon is really popular because of the taste but there are also medicinal properties you want to be aware of. The most important one is the capability to control blood sugar levels. At the same time, it will heal Candida infections and can reduce the discomfort that is caused by irritable bowel syndrome.

What Is Your Favorite Spice?

All of those that were mentioned above are really tasty and can make your dishes a lot better. However, using your spices in a proper combination is definitely difficult to do if you do not have experience. It is difficult to come up with something that everyone will appreciate. Because of this, the best thing you can do is experiment and find out where your personal tastes lie. Do not dismiss what you did not try yet since you may be surprised.


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