How to Solve Relatable Modern Day Problems


There are problems that bother us every day that we don’t necessarily ever take action against. However, for all those little problems that really get on your nerves there are ways to get around them, fix them and even prevent them from happening. Below are a few problems that everybody can relate to, and a few ways they can be dealt with.

Being too comfortable to get up
After a long day at work, all you want to do is put your feet up and relax. It’s horrible, then, when you have to haul yourself up from your comfortable position in order to find the remote control to change the TV channel, or to turn the light on because, unbeknownst to you, the daylight has now completely disappeared for the night. A way to tackle this is to invest in lighting that is controlled by its own remote controller and then make sure both that, and the television remote, are within an arm’s length at all times. That way you can control your life without even getting up.

Lying on the sofa


Smashing your phone screen


If you’ve ever tentatively picked your phone up from a face down position after it’s been dropped, you’ll have experienced the feeling of pure dread. What follows is either elation at finding that the screen is intact, or dismay at seeing that it is indeed smashed, literally, to pieces. Rest assured though: there are services to turn to when you need help fixing it.

Smashed phone screen


Forgetting your phone charger
Finding yourself stuck somewhere with a dead phone and no charger is a common first world gripe, but one that can easily be avoided. You could either remember to charge your phone before you leave the house, maybe even over-night the night before, or you can invest in a portable charger.

Portable phone charger




Adverts are bad enough when they interrupt your favourite TV programme, but when they play before, and sometimes even during, videos on Youtube and pop up whilst you’re playing games on your phone they are extra annoying. To combat this when watching a video you can download AdBlock, or when playing a game that doesn’t require an internet connection you can simply turn your phone onto airplane mode.


Not knowing what to buy someone for their birthday


Buying presents for other people’s birthdays is far from being a gift. What with overthinking when it comes to trying to find the ‘perfect’ gift, having no idea what they would actually like, and trying not to break your budget: it can be a very difficult experience. Make sure to check here for some help with birthday gift ideas that won’t break the bank. And let’s not even get started on Christmas presents…

Even though they may seem small and trivial, these problems are still very, very annoying. If you ever find yourself in the midst of any of them, you should always try to find a solution to make your life just a little easier. Make sure to check out these other solutions for modern day problems.



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