Live The Freelancing Dream: How To Successfuly Work From Cafes


If you are self-employed, you probably thought that working from home was the ultimate dream. After all, you can cut out the daily commute to and from the office which will save you heaps, and you will also be able to stay in your PJs all day and work to your very own schedule! But, have you ever considered heading out with your laptop to a local cafe? Lots of freelancers work from cafes these days, as it gives them an excuse to leave the house and brush shoulders with others. There are some downsides to this, though, as cafes tend to be loud and bustling places, which can prove distracting. Not with these tips, though! Here is how you can make working from a cafe work for you!

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Remember Your Headphones
There isn’t much you can do about the noise in the cafes. But, it is possible to drown out all that noise. The best way to do that is to put your headphones in and listen to your own music. If you are using a separate device to your computer to listen to music, it’s a good idea to take plenty of chargers with you, so nothing runs out of juice! You can find out about the best chargers on sites like iThingum. When choosing music to work to, go for something ambient and without lyrics, as this won’t be too distracting.

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Remember To Order Something
You can’t simply sit in a cafe and work without ordering something. This is extremely rude, and you might end up being asked to leave by the staff, especially if you are taking up a table during a busy period. So be sure to order a drink or small snack as soon as you get to the cafe. Lots of cafe staff are very open to freelancers working from their cafe as long as they buy something. If you intend to work in the cafe for the whole day, remember to order something every couple of hours, so the waiters don’t bother you!

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Consider A Wi-Fi Free Cafe


Do you have a lot to do without the help of the Internet? Then you might want to consider a cafe that doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi. Sure, cafes with Wi-Fi are incredibly useful when you want to check your emails and download important documents, but they can also increase your procrastination. You may spend your time scrolling through Facebook or Twitter! So sometimes you might want to find a cafe that doesn’t have Wi-Fi, so you won’t be distracted at all!


Switch It Up
Ideally, you need to know four or five local cafes which allow freelancers to work in them. That way, you can go to a different one each day. If you just stick to the same cafe all the time, you will start to get bored of your surroundings, and might end up feeling slightly claustrophobic! So mix up which cafes you visit so you meet different people and don’t get stuck in too much of a rut!


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