Spring Clean Your Garden

Whenever we talk about interior design and renovations, we all think about the rooms in the house. Extending into a conservatory for the garden, adding bedrooms and bathrooms, expanding the overall space in the home. The garden is often overlooked as something to renovate but gardens should be looked at as a jewel for your house.

When you’re selling up, or staging to get ready to sell, every estate agent in the world will say that the garden should be prepared and as tidy as possible. People view gardens and they play a film in their heads of picnics in the sun and children playing. Gardens are an important part of any home and spring cleaning doesn’t just mean the house; cleaning up the garden not only adds value to your home, but it gives you somewhere to enjoy. So, how can you clean up your garden ready for the summer – or sale?

Get equipped. Head to the nearest garden centre and get yourself the right garden tools. Edging equipment to lawn mowers, you need to be able to clear any dead plants and bushes and get rid of weeds before you can see the blank canvas before you.

Get matching. Your garden can’t look ‘noisy’, which I know sounds bizarre considering it doesn’t make any noise. Too many different types of plant or flower can cause visual overcrowding and make it look like you had no rhyme or reason to choose the colours you have chosen. Tame the chaos and have everything look symmetrical. You want beauty, not a jungle.

Get smart. Call in some help! Either a professional gardener to dig over the soil for you, or The Renovation Company to do a complete overhaul and landscaping of your garden. You get to help choose what you want, without any of the hard work!

Get green. Planting your own vegetable garden can be an excellent project for the whole family. Planting the right veggies for growth during the summer means you are going green with your carbon footprint and saving your pennies through the year.

Get furnished. Beautiful pieces of furniture aren’t just for the inside, you know. You can buy some exciting handmade, carved wooden benches and tables for the garden to enjoy in the sun. Having a flowered, well-planted garden is one thing but if you don’t have anywhere to sit and enjoy all the hard work, why bother?

Get cookin’. Building an outdoor pizza oven or a barbecue is a luxury that most never get. If you have the chance to do it, get building your own brick barbecue with a grill. Those long, lazy summer days can be so much better when you have steaks sizzling away in the heat.

Spring cleaning your garden is not just about the value of your home, but the beauty of somewhere that’s your own little piece of luxury. Gardens are a calm, soothing place to relax and it’s better to do that on freshly grown grass than weeds and muck!


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