The Little Things That Make A Huge Difference

When you first start your family home, there is absolutely no way that you will have gotten everything ready. It may be that the house that you are living in when you bring back your first baby will not be your forever home, and is nowhere near as ideal as the home that you imagined that you would be bringing up a child in. You may already be living in your ideal home, but know that there is a lot more that an be done for it to reach your desired standard. There will always be a trip out to the store to get something – whether it’s for the house itself, a necessity for the baby or something just to perk yourself up. Being a parent is hard!

It’s the little things that make the big differences in regards to family homes. Simple touches can transform how you are all feeling and how you operate day-to-day. Here are a few examples…

Floors for all

What type of flooring do you currently have in your communal family space – and is it one that you are planning on keeping for a while? Different floors offer different benefits. Wooden flooring can lose a lot of heat, so you may want to consider buying a rug or a carpet from sites online such as in order to add a cosy feel to the room and save on bills. However, everything but carpet is easy to wipe up and keep clean should anything be spilled on it – and in the first couple of years of life, there will be a lot of spills.

Available seating

Don’t just think about seating for yourself – consider where your child can and will be sitting. If you are thinking about purchasing a highchair, there are ones set in stages that will grow with them. It will save you having to go out and purchase chair after chair as they outgrow each one, and you end up with something that they can sit at the table on as a toddler before ditching it altogether. Safe chairs and places to put your child down, such as Bumbos and Poddlepods, give peace of mind as well as comfort and safety for your baby. It’s the best of both worlds.

Don’t put aside how different lighting can make you feel. If you are having headaches and feeling stressed but can’t put your finger on why, it could be that the lights inside your home are just too bright. It can be a problem with some LED lighting as you can’t control the wattage to a certain extent, but purchasing soft-lit lamps or using lampshades to help dim existing light can be a great help. You could even try switching off the main lights and using solely a couple of lamps around the room to take away the extremity as you enter a room – it may also help with getting baby off to sleep – that is, if you don’t get there first!


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