Why Your Garden Isn’t Looking Up To Par (And What To Do About It!)


We all try to make our garden look as fantastic as possible. After all, we want to ensure it looks fantastic for our family. And for when guests come over for garden parties. But a lot of us make errors when it comes to our yard. And then we live with regret when our garden looks below par. Here are some reasons why your garden isn’t looking up to par and what to do about it.


You have too many plants


It’s easy to end up overfilling our garden with plants. After all, we want to make sure it looks as beautiful as possible. And we can go a bit OTT when we are at our local nursery. However, you need to be careful not to buy too many plants. After all, the more you overcrowd them in the soil, the more they will have to fight to get nutrients. And if there are too many plants in the soil, they won’t grow and flourish. In fact, you will find the plants dying and will need replacing. Therefore, only stick to a few beautiful plants in the garden. Ask at the nursery how much space they require. That way, you won’t buy too many, and your garden will look fantastic as they grow.


Your lawn mower needs replacing


The lawn is the key feature in your back garden. So if it’s not looking up to par, it can let the whole garden down. There are many reasons why your lawn is not looking its best. For one thing, it could be down to the lawn mower you are using. After all, if it’s a good few years old, it might not be cutting the grass correctly. Therefore, old and dead grass will be left behind which will not make the garden look perfect. And not only this, but an old mower might damage the grass, and you will end up having to replace the lawn. Therefore, for the sake of your grass, you should replace the mower sooner rather than later. To help you out, there are a lot of review sites online that tell you about the latest mowers. Read up before you buy, so you don’t end up regretting your decision in years to come.


You are overwatering them
We try and water our garden every other day during the summer months. That way, the lawn, and plants get enough nutrients when the sun is bearing down on them. However, a lot of people make the error of watering too often. And it can cause the grass and plants to start drowning. Therefore, always check the soil before you water the plants. If it’s feeling dry, it’s okay to go ahead and water them. But if it’s already damp, it’s best to avoid doing it, for now, to ensure they stay in good condition.



And if you haven’t raked those leaves in a while, now is the time to get out and do it. For one thing, leaves can often cover the grass and stop it getting its essential nutrients from the sun. And not only this, but leaves can often look unappealing when they are dotted around the garden!

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