With Spring Around The Corner, It’s Time To Get Fresh!


Spring is in the air… everywhere you look around? Okay, not entirely. But it won’t be long! Already, spring flowers are cropping up. The cold weather is lifting. A little… The point is, spring will be here before we know it! So, it’s that time when you need to start thinking about shuffling your home for the seasons. Spring is the time for rebirth and starting again after a long cold winter. That’s why it’s the perfect time to spruce your home and garden.

The keen gardeners among you will know that spring is the perfect time to get in the garden. After winter, it’s probably looking more like a war zone than the beautiful space you intend. Make an effort, on the next bright day, to get out and clear the damage. New flowers can’t grow when old ones are in the way! Think, too, about planting a new crop for summer. Most flowers need planting now if they’re in with a chance of growing. It’s also worth turning your attention to your first lawn mowing session of the year! As the weather is still unpredictable, it could be worth learning how to mow wet grass without damaging your lawn mower. That way, you can stop the rain on your parade! Once you start work, you’ll have your garden ready in no time at all. And trust us, it’ll be worth the effort!


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Why not go ahead and invite spring into your home? There are many ways to do this. Most importantly, stock up on spring flowers and scatter them around the place. That splash of color in your house will make such a difference to the feel of each room. It’ll also get you in the right headspace. Make sure, too, that you start opening windows when you get the chance. It’s been too long since you aired the place! Replace the staleness of winter with the freshness of spring. You’re sure to feel better for it! You might not get the chance to open the windows much at the moment, but that’s okay. Take every opportunity you get. You’ll soon find you can keep them open all day without worrying!


We had to mention spring cleaning. Many people have given up on this old tradition, but it makes sense. It’s another fantastic way of preparing your home for spring. Plus, it keeps things clean! To make the process less of a chore, focus on cleaning things you wouldn’t usually. A spring clean has to be a big one, so what better time to clean those unmentioned places? Empty out your cupboards and give them a wash! While you’re at it, check the dates on all that food! Remove dust from the tops of your cupboards. Get stuck into those forgotten places! It won’t take as long as you think, and it means you’ll go into spring without any cobwebs in your mind or your home!

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