4 Reasons Your Kids Need Technology

For every article that explains why your children should be kept away from tablets and smartphones, there are ten more that argue the benefits. There are moments where screen time is inappropriate for children, as it is for adults such as late at night, but there are also times that it’s the most appropriate thing for them to play with. It’s not a shock that children love technology – bright colours and moving pictures mean that tablets are high tech toys!

Screen time is not a bad thing. We live in a world of technology that is increasing in popularity at a rapid pace and children are growing up in that world. There isn’t much that is private anymore, and if you educate your children at a young age that they can use technology in a safe manner, then they will never grow up with it being taboo. Setting boundaries for screen time for your children is probably the best way to be able to use iPads and tablets in the best way. We’ve put together four reasons your kids can benefit, learn and enjoy technology in a safe way.

  1. Enhance Learning: Tablets have apps that are designed and made purely for children to learn with. Curriculums at school now involve a lot of digital media and computer work, so understanding how your children deal with that at home can make a difference to their education in school. Being able to use different platforms and learn HTML from a young age will serve them well in the future – we live in a digital world so it makes sense to understand the digital language!
  2. Teamwork: Children need to understand how to be empathetic and work as a team and educational apps can help them learn to do that. Gaming encourages children to work together to a final goal and can also teach patience, which most children do not have!
  3. Entertainment: Alongside education, tablets and iPads are great for games, music and movies. You can get the latest ShowBox APK from here and your children can be up to date on the latest films from their favourite groups. Added to that, screen time is down time on the weekends after a very busy, education filled week. There’s definitely room for games!
  4. Confidence: Making mistakes is how children learn and if they are regularly playing games and working on tablets, they can learn to overcome problems in a safe way. Virtual programmes can allow children to solve problems in real time, meaning that they can learn critical thinking and how to observe situations appropriately.

Children are curious and excited beings and if their imagination is channelled and encouraged, then they can use screen time to their advantage. You know your children best, and you should judge how much time each child should have based on their individual needs. Don’t be put off by articles telling you that all children need is the great outdoors. While it’s what they need, there should be a balance and a world of technology needs technologically minded people!


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