5 Indoor Date Night Ideas For Parents


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Date night is a concept that has been around for many years. Dinner and drinks, a movie or a trip to the theatre are all popular ideas but once you become a parent, it gets a little difficult. You could have the best intentions, but date nights and time just the two of you gets left behind for a little while. It doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong, it’s just that life as a twosome goes on pause until the kids are a little older!

If you don’t live anywhere near friends and family who could help you out with babysitting duties, you must get a little creative. Quality time together is the only way you can keep the relationship alive and while quality time out of the house may be hard to come by when you have a baby or two, that doesn’t mean you can’t make use of the place you have. With these ideas, you can keep date night alive in your relationship until the children are old enough to stay at home by themselves.

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  1. Cooking: One of you chooses a recipe that you both need to try, then you cook together. If you’re used to being the one who cooks in the kitchen, then relinquish a little of that control and let your partner have a go with the hard bits of the recipe. It gives you a chance to chat, reconnect and taste the fruits of your labour.
  2. Movie Night: If you ever considered going to the cinema as a treat, you need to recreate this at home. Download the latest Movie Box app to your iPad and get snuggled up with a mug of hot chocolate. You can choose the latest releases or play the choosing game where you both choose films that the other hasn’t seen and flip a coin! Broadening your horizons as well as new material to talk about.
  3. Nerf It: Nerf guns like these are not just for children, you know. Just because we get older on the outside doesn’t mean we cannot have a little fun! Grab a couple of Nerf guns in the sales and play cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers. The end result may be screaming and laughing, but you’ll be laughing together and having fun. Getting in touch with your inner child can relax you, let you have fun and help you rediscover what it was that made you fall in love in the first place.
  4. Board Games: Choosing board games from cards to chess is a great night in. Choose some delicious snacks and get settled for an evening of fierce competition.
  5. Candlelit Picnic: Okay, so not strictly indoors, but you can lay a blanket out in the garden after the kids go to bed in the summer and enjoy a delicious finger meal and glass of wine. Choose foods that don’t require cutlery, or even put on a mini barbecue!

These ideas can all be mixed together but the idea is that you bond, have fun and remember why you got together in the first place!

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