An Easy Care Bathroom

How much time do you spend a week making sure that you bathroom is shiny and spotless? An hour, two maybe? But is that what you really want to be doing, or it is something that you just have to do? Otherwise, it’s get too dirty to manage? If so, then why not consider an easy-care bathroom. Read on to find out more.


One of the worst things that you have to deal with in a dirty bathroom is the floor. That is why you want it to be something that is quick and easy to keep clean, and that dries off quickly.

That means carpet is out, as are wood floors which can buckle with the moisture. Instead go for something like lino, which is a breeze to clean, especially with a good vacuum and steam cleaner. As well as being inexpensive to lay.


No mats

Another way that you can make your bathroom a lot easier to clean is to dispense with mats under the toilet, sink and by the side of the bath.

For one thing, they are always going to need straightening. As well as collecting all sorts of dirt. Instead of fighting contest battle to keep them clean and tidy get rid of them all together, and get a quick floor cleaning system like a spray mop that you can just run around in 5 minutes for hygiene purposes.

Of course, you will need to make sure that you provide hand towels, so your family has something to step out of the bath onto. But then these can just be hung up with the others until next use.


Fixture and Fittings

When it came to the fixture and fitting of your bathroom picking the right ones can save you some serious time and effort when cleaning.

That is why you should pick bathroom taps that are fairly simple in design, so there are not loads of fiddly bits that need to be cleaned and polished all of the time.

It also helps to consider the layout of the pipes behind you suite. As they can be very difficult to get to for proper cleaning, and dust, rust and mold can take root there.

Shower screens

Now, something that you are just going to have to come to terms with when you want an easy-care bathroom is that sooner or later shower curtain get moldy.

That is why you should ignore them altogether and go for a screen.

To keep these clean get some spray and a specially made cloth to use every day when you are in the shower, which will stop streaking.

Out of sight storage

Lastly, you also need to ensure that you have enough storage for the items in your bathroom. The storage should also be out of sight. So that means cabinets with doors, or drawers and the like.

Having bottles of shampoo and body wash out all over the place just makes it look untidy, and they are another thing you have to move and clean.  

So save yourself some time by insisting everyone puts away their own items when they have finished using them.


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