Can A Smoothie Be Indulgent?


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Let’s be honest: hands up if you have a blender in your kitchen – or in a box in storage – that doesn’t get used much?


It’s the unfortunate rule of health equipment in houses up and down the land. The item will be used for a few weeks, your exercise bike becomes a clothes horse, your spiralizer goes down as a good idea – but one that takes more effort than it’s worth. Your juicer therefore goes into a storage closet, because supermarkets sell juice in cartons and it’s just easier. The product might not be as fresh, but it’s easy – right?


Well, let’s start over. Get that blender back into the kitchen and ready for action. Fresh, healthy smoothies still have a place in your diet and what’s more, with a few little touches, they can even be a treat you look forward to drinking. If you’re still dubious, have a glance at the following recipes and you’ll soon be enjoying the best smoothies imaginable…


The Smoothie That Puts Pep In Your Step


Take one banana, a glass of almond milk, and some honey. So far, so “worthy”, right?


Then take a shot of espresso – a double-shot if you’re in dire need of the extra boost – and some vanilla. Blend it all together in your long-ignored blender. Add some crushed ice, and you’ll soon have a frappé that will blow away any cobwebs while still tasting amazing.


If you want even more indulgence, add a scoop of ice cream.


The great news is, even if you do the above extra touch, it’s still going to be fewer calories than a coffee shop version.


The Smoothie That Puts A Smile On Your Face


It’s a scientific fact that chocolate makes you happy. Of course, too much of it will also make you unwell and overweight, which is why we have to keep it as a treat. This smoothie is an excellent way of getting the happiness boost, but without the drawbacks.
Take one small coconut and split it. Pour the water into your blender and scoop out the tender flesh into the container. Blend that with a third of an avocado and a handful of raspberries (along with a few sprigs of kale if you’re feeling extra virtuous). Add a tablespoon of cacao powder and mix until well blended. Drink. Repeat until cheerful.

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The Smoothie That Will Detox Deliciously


The word “detox” can be enough to make people feel guilty all on its own. It is rarely associated with fun, yet, if you put your mind to it, you can detox without feeling like you’re being punished for something. All you need are the following ingredients:


  • One cucumber
  • One lemon
  • Half a pineapple
  • One cup of green tea

By now you know how to use your blender, so run the above ingredients through it. Add a teaspoon of spirulina for extra health points. Point the resulting mix into a glass and, suddenly, your detox feels like an afternoon drinking cocktails by the pool. It’s a detox delight – who said there’s no such thing as a win/win?

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