Everything you need to know before renting a hook bin

There are a lot of instances where you find that the city’s waste management service are not fit for the jobs. Whether you are undertaking a construction project, holding an event, or doing some renovations, the amount and nature of waste produced is not fit to be disposed off with your daily waste. Another issue that people face in times like these is of not having enough space in their bins to be able to hold all the waste being produced.

Renting a hook bin is the solution to all the problems mentioned above. A skip is a large container, usually shaped like a trapezoid, capable of carrying large amounts of waste. The best part about renting a hook bin is once the pickup is done, you don’t have to worry about the disposal part.

As convenient as these might seem, there is a certain amount of homework to be done before renting them. Keep these things in mind before you rent a hook bin:

Size of the skip


Usually, hook bins are available in a number of sizes, from small, 4 cubic metre bins that are perfect for events and small renovation projects, to huge Roll out-Roll In (RoRo) bins that are meant for industrial purposes.

However, for most domestic purposes, events, and construction and renovation projects, a 4-6 cubic hook bin would suffice.

It always helps to be a little generous when it comes to estimations, which is what I suggest in this case as well. That is, if you think all your waste material will fit in a 4 cubic metre hook bin, it is better to leave some room for estimation error and rent a 6 cubic metre bin. This way, you will not end up in a situation where you either have to rent multiple bins, or not only would you have to pay extra for overloading, the rental service might even refuse to transport the extra waste leaving it on your property.


Nature of the waste you dispose

Hook bins are great tools for effective waste management. However, they have their limits when it comes to the nature of your waste. While it is perfectly fine to use hook bins to dispose waste products like soil, construction debris and waste, and almost all organic waste products, you should refrain putting things like electronics, batteries, asbestos inside the bin. Below is a list of things you can, and cannot put inside a hook bin.

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Out of the waste we produce, a lot of it is recyclable, for reasons we all are aware of, we should always look out for opportunities to recycle as much as we can. It is, however, a task to segregate the waste into recyclable and non-recyclable. A great, simple and time efficient way to do this is to rent multiple small hook bins that can be labeled and used for different kinds of waste products. It is a great way to save some money on paying for overloading your hook bin, while giving something back to the nature.

If your hook bins, Logan company is any good, they would give you the same advice.

Renting from a true professional

Hiring a hook bin is supposed to make things convenient for you, but if you are not careful about who you are giving your business to, there is a good chance of the complete opposite happening. There are just three things you need to look for in a reliable service:

  • Licensing- As true with all other businesses, if they do not have the necessary permits and licensing, it only means that they are not qualified for the job.
  • Flexibility- We just discussed that renting business is about convenience. That is why you should always look for a company that works all 7 days of the week, providing you with all the flexibility of time you will ever need.
  • Advice- A good company that is dedicated to providing quality service will always give you advice about recycling and how to cut overhead costs to a minimum.


Hiring a hook bin rental service is surely going to solve all your waste management issues. Keep the above-mentioned things in mind, and you will never run into a problem regarding responsible waste management.


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