How To Help An Injured Loved One Through Their Recovery


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Overcoming injury is not an easy task, but it’s especially difficult without the help of a loved one. Support of family and friends during this time can make a significant difference to someone who has sustained a serious injury. It can be seriously immobilizing, isolating, and painful, so having someone there to hold their hand along the way can really ease some of the distress. It can be very taxing on you, too. Selflessness and worry can be exhausting, so it’s essential that you use your time effectively, but also take time for yourself. If you’ve got a loved one who is currently suffering from an injury, here are a few ways you can help and reassure them.

Spend quality time together

Injury can be very isolating. They might not be able to get out of bed, never mind leave the house to visit the shops or see friends. It might completely change the way in which you spend time together, but they’ll really appreciate you making an effort all the same. If they’re housebound, splurge on some new cards, some fun board games, a delicious dinner, and maybe some new DVDs. Boredom during recovery can be mind-numbing, so any entertainment and company are fantastic.


Be realistic but reassuring

Chances are, they’re going to be quite upset and frustrated, but they might also be quite traumatized by the events leading up to their injury. Having a shoulder to cry on and a kind ear to confide in will mean a lot to them. They might have some questions you can’t answer, but with some assistance from an attorney or a doctor, you should be able to give them the reassurance they need. Don’t shower them in platitudes, though. If they’re going to be in recovery for some time, it’s essential to be realistic. They need to be clued into what they’re up against, otherwise, the frustration can really set in.

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Encourage a healthy lifestyle

When someone is recovering from an injury, they’re going to struggle to burn the same number of calories as they did beforehand. They could go from being fairly active to completely sedentary almost overnight, and their metabolism won’t quite have caught up. This, coupled with the potential for boredom eating, can really hinder their recovery. You can really help by encouraging them to eat regular, healthy meals, and to keep alcohol and tobacco intake to a minimum.

Take time for yourself

Unfortunately, you’re not going to be a lot of use if you burn yourself out by taking the whole burden on your shoulders. Caring for a loved one can be exhausting, upsetting, and stressful, so you need to make sure you’re looking after yourself. If it’s all getting too much, call for reinforcement and take yourself out of the situation for a while. Your mental and physical health are as important as everyone else’s.

Remember to reward yourself. What you’re doing is an incredible and selfless thing, and you should feel very proud.


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