Wedded Bliss On A Budget

With all the mountains of wedding websites in the world, the ones that get the most hits are those that offer budget wedding ideas. This is usually down to the fact that unless you have saved for most of your life for the occasion, weddings are hard to pay for. Beautiful though the day may be, it can get pretty expensive. Knowing where you can make cuts in your budget is going to help you have the day you want at the cost you want, without compromising on the luxury of the day.

It’s important to remember that the bit of the wedding that matters is the marriage. The vows that you take are priceless, but the venue is not! You can make a list of everything you want for your wedding and do your homework to make sure you’re not going to take a step into married life with debt hanging over your head. To do that, you need some stellar advice and a quick tips list to give you some guidance, and here it is:

Always shop around. The hall you’ve looked at with the grand entrance and the marble pillars? It may be beautiful and classy but your budget may cry at the cost. Check out similar venues to a grand hall but also check the season. You may have dreamed of a warm summer wedding, but a winter wedding package is always cheaper, especially if you go for a midweek wedding. With enough notice and invitations from Pure Invitation, your guests will have enough time to book a day off in the week for your big day. Those who matter will always take the time off.

If your research shows that you could save money by putting your wedding together piece by piece, then do it! Hire the venue and cater yourself with a company you choose. You can even have a fish and chips company cater your wedding and appeal to your guests instead of the delicate, luxury food that some venues have on offer.

Cut out the wedding favours. It’s become a societal norm that we spend a lot of money throwing a massive celebration, and then give our guests a present to take home with them. It doesn’t have to be your normal for your wedding, though! You’re putting on food and dancing for all your friends, let them know that instead of favours, they get the pleasure of being at your wedding for the day – gift enough, we think!

Make a difference with desserts instead of the traditional wedding cake. If you ask each groomsman and bridesmaid to bring a cake or a box of luxury doughnuts with them for the big day, you have a ready-made dessert table for all the guests to choose from. You don’t have to pay a large company for your elaborate cake, and this pot-luck idea means you get an eclectic mix of choices for afters.

Your wedding is your big day to shine, but it doesn’t mean your bank balance should cry about it. Enjoy yourselves and be who you are for the day!  



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