What Will Void Your Warranty

For the most part it is easy to determine if something will void your warranty.  Other instances are not as easy to determine if your actions can end up causing you to pay for a failure.  While every manufacturer’s warranty is different, there are some general rules of thumb that fairly cross over to each one.  Generally, if you think it may void your warranty it is best to ask a professional.

Commonly questioned things that will absolutely void your warranty are environmental damage.  While it is not your fault that the vehicle was flooded or fell victim to a fire or earthquake, it is not the manufacturer’s fault either.   As a result, damage caused by these events will not be repaired or replaced under the OEM warranty.

Aftermarket modifications are another common thing that will quickly void your warranty.  This includes modifications that are considered to be “bolt on”.  Even though they are simple add-ons and do not add much to the original engine, they do change how the engine runs off the manufacturers specifications.  It is the responsibility of the dealer to prove that the modification caused the failure. Also, altering the odometer in anyway is an instant void for these warranties and typically is a crime in most states.

Negligence is a common factor in voiding warranties.  Failing to have your vehicle properly maintained can cause larger problems that would not have prematurely failed otherwise.  Therefore, it is important that you get all of your maintenance done on time and with a manufactured certified shop such as Thomson Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM.  Failing to use the correct fluids or additives to your vehicle will also void your warranty.  Therefore, before placing any fluids in your vehicle yourself ensure that it specifies the correct kind in your manual.

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