When You Should Deep Clean Your Home

Even if everyone does their chores on a regular basis, there are some parts of the house that can go for long periods of time without getting cleaned. Although there is no set time for when a house needs a thorough sweep, here are a few occasions when you should consider deep cleaning your home.

Spring Cleaning

When the buds on the trees start to open up, and the sun begins to peek out from behind the clouds, it’s time to open your windows and dust off the cobwebs in your house. Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your interior decorations and plant some new flowers in the garden, but it’s also the best time to move the furniture around and clean up the dust and crumbs that have gathered there over the past year. Finish off your cleaning by spraying a spring-themed scent on the fabrics and leaving the windows open.

Moving House

Even when you’ve just moved into a new place and it seems sparkling clean, it can’t hurt to give it a quick sweep and dust to clear any spots that might have been looked over. However, you should definitely give the house an end of lease cleaning when you move out. Once all the furniture is out of the way, you can see where dust has gathered, crumbs have fallen, and found a few small trinkets that have been misplaced over the years. This is when you should pull out your best stick vacuum and clean up the mess.  You can also see where the paint has faded, so you can identify where you might need to freshen up the colour of the walls.

Before Getting A New Pet

Yes, a pet will greatly contribute to any future messes in your home, but it’s a good idea to clean up the house and pet-proof it before they arrive. As you clean, you need to make a note of any potential hazards in every room. Move the cleaning supplies onto high shelves, or invest in childproof latches to prevent them from opening the cupboard under the sink. Check any hard to reach areas for dangerous items; just because your vacuum doesn’t fit in these spots, doesn’t mean your new puppy or kitten can’t hide there for almost an entire day. Of course, you must now also thoroughly clean the house whenever they shed fur or track in mud from the garden.

When Purging Your Belongings

Every once in a while it will suddenly hit you that you have too many things, which will inspire you to clear out space in your wardrobe, attic, and basement. As you’re sorting through which things are going to the charity bin, and which are reclaiming their space in your wardrobe, you might notice dust and mould where you hadn’t noticed it before. Make a note of the spots that could use a spruce. Once your items have been taken to charity, dig out your cleaning supplies and quickly wipe down the neglected areas before putting everything back in their place.



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