6 Exciting Alternative Tips For Selling Your Home




We’ve all heard how difficult getting on the property market is, but selling a property isn’t much easier. Dependent on how the house values are in your area you might struggle to sell your house as maybe you might have done a few years earlier.


Although never fear, for even in the most uncertain economic times there are ways that you can be sure to expose your home to prospective buyers without much upfront cost. In order to fully grasp all angles necessary for a sale, follow this handy six-tip guide that is sure to smooth out your selling process.


  1. Use social media.


Social media is one of the best ways to connect with anyone these days. Facebook even has a marketplace feature. Why not take advantage of this and see what can be done to improve your advertising potential? You can ask your close friends to ‘share’ your post, so you will gain views exponentially. This is a great idea for those who are having trouble arranging viewings in the first place.


  1. Leave some furniture.


This could sweeten the deal for anyone looking at buying your cherished abode. If you’re willing to leave sofa’s in the living room, a bed frame or a kitchen table, this might increase the attractiveness of your property, especially for first-time buyers.


  1. Define a clear, legal contract of sale with a lawyer.


This is essential for the peace of mind required after such a big life event. Make sure that you’re all above board legally before money changes hands. Property agents will help you with this, but if you’re advertising your house yourself, make sure to make this a priority. If you neglect your duty with this, you can expect to need a service like the Scheiner law group for statewide DWI defense lawyers.


  1. Make a YouTube video of your listing.


Most smartphones nowadays come equipped with amazing high-definition cameras and large storage. This is perfect for making a home video that flatters your property and shows the parts you love that standard property-agent photos can’t convey. Why stop at the home though? You could walk down the street and show nearby amenities that you love, and could help prospective buyers imagine living in your area.


  1. Tidy up your home dramatically.


It’s easy to have a home filled with clutter, especially after years of living there. Keep in mind though that this might prevent viewers from visualizing how spacious your rooms are, and how their belongings will look in it.


  1. Tidy up your garden area.


If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, make sure the grass is cut, the weeds are pulled and the leaves are raked before showing clients around. This could be more difficult if you’re selling in the autumn months, but be sure to make as much of an effort as you can in order to fully seal that first impression in a positive way.


Keep in mind that selling a property is a both a multi-faceted and singular approach, in that a buyer has a lot to consider yet will decide on one factor, ‘can I view myself living here?’ For that reason, even the best houses might take time for a satisfactory sale. Don’t be disheartened, stay patient, and you’ll be ever closer to hitting your asking price.

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