A Review Of The Weight Watchers Diet Plan


For those wanting to lose weight, but not wanting to always be counting calories or having to choose among only certain food groups, it might surprise you to learn the Weight Watchers revised diet plan allows you to avoid calorie counting and allows you to eat anything you want. Together with their other options, this newest plan by the long-standing company may be just what you need to win the ongoing battle against being overweight.


Obviously, if you want to lose weight, eating healthier foods is recommended and eating fewer amounts of junk food is a good choice. This diet teaches you that it is a matter of making simple, daily choices and trade-offs to achieve a diet you can live with.


Fitness now takes on a greater role with the newest Weight Watchers plan. It is possible to lose weight without exercise, but as a greater move toward total health, exercise is now recommended. Often many people misunderstand the role of exercise for weight loss. When you exercise, it is not solely for the purpose of burning calories.


Exercise allows you to consume a similar amount of food as you always have while burning more calories than you do without exercise. One of the issues with many diet plans is that they are too restrictive of total daily calories. When you reduce caloric intake too quickly, the body’s alarm system can be triggered and go into starvation mode which reduces metabolism.


This reduction of metabolism is to allow the body to use more of the calories that are consumed to be stored as fat, rather than used for energy. So the body stores more fat and the person feels more lethargic which further reduces physical activity. This creates the perfect storm for weight gain just as soon as the dieter returns to a more normal eating pattern.


Emotional Eating

Eating and weight gain is about more than just eating or failing to exercise. Most overweight people have emotional reasons behind the weight gain. The only way to address this is to recognize it and openly talk about those issues. With most diet plans, this simply isn’t possible because those plans only have instructions for what foods are acceptable and how many calories to consume daily, and maybe how much exercising to do.


A survey by the well known and trusted Consumer Reports magazine concluded that those who attended Weight Watchers meetings regularly lost more weight and kept it off longer than those who did not attend meetings.


This is a clear indication in our opinion that addressing the emotional issues that lead to overeating is a key component to the Weight Watchers overall success.


Does Weight Watchers Actually Work?

There are so many diet programs and fads out there, it is normal to wonder if this is a plan that will truly work. The good news is that this is not only one of the most studied diet plans that has long stood the test of time and evaluation, but is much more than just a diet plan.


Weight Watchers addresses all the issues surrounding the most common reasons for being overweight. It provides an easy to follow diet along with a strategic exercise plan and ongoing group meetings that allow members to openly discuss their emotional issues that are often the cause of obesity.


The new Weight Watchers plan is ideal for those who don’t want to count calories or to be strictly tied to eating only certain foods. For those who don’t want to cook, or lack the time to do so, will find their prepackaged meals a good alternative.
You don’t have to succeed alone, join Weight Watchers today.

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