All Wrapped Up In Gift Packaging Glitches?


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After all the panic and worry about finding the perfect gift, you may think that you’re on to the easy part. The selection is made and there’s nothing more to worry about; all you need to do is wrap it and sit back and wait for the joyous excitement when you hand it over to the recipient. What could be easier?

An hour later, as you sit staring at the pile of damaged wrapping paper, with sticky tape still stick to your wrist – you realize that selecting the gift was the easy bit. The images of wrapped parcels that we are surrounded by are perfect and faultless. They have crisp edges, beautifully tied bows, a color scheme where each color is the perfect complement. The writing on the tags is close to calligraphy levels. Everything just looks amazing.


What you’ve done, however… is not amazing. It’s a mess, and what’s more, it’s not the first time you have found yourself struggling with gift wrapping either. So what’s going wrong?

Are You Trying To Wrap Impossible Shapes?

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If you’ve bought someone a tennis racket, then it’s going to be a nightmare to wrap. There’s also no way of wrapping it that doesn’t make it incredibly obvious at first glance that it’s a tennis racket – you might as well not bother wrapping it at all.


The same goes for many items of unusual shapes. It could be a Willow and Everett copper mug, a bike, or a modern art ornament; all beautiful pieces, but if you wrap them, they’re going to be difficult and will immediately be obvious as to their contents.


That’s why boxes are your friend. Whether one is available will depend on the gift itself. Always check the pictures before you buy something online to see if it comes with a box; it’s not asking too much to hope the mug comes with a box or the ornament is pre-packaged. As for the tennis racket and bike, these might be trickier, but you can source your own cheap box on eBay and then just wrap a single square shape.
Are You Using Too Much Tape?

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When we wrap a gift, we want it to be secure, so it makes sense that we tape it up at any gap in the paper. While this might be secure, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing.


You have two options. You can keep the tape to a minimum and use it only where it’s really needed to hold the entire structure together. Or you can use a colored or patterned tape, which is far easier to incorporate into the rest of the design of the gift.
You might be tempted by sticky dots or double-sided tape as a solution but, in general, these can make life harder. They work well if you know what you’re doing, but if you’re still trying to figure the whole wrapping business out, then it’s best to keep it simple. As a rule, for a square box you should need no more than four pieces of tape – place them in the right areas and your gift will be secure as well.


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