Every Homeowners Nightmare! Dealing With Pests


Pests are every homeowner’s nightmare, but something that most of us will come up against at one time or another. Termites, roaches, fleas, rodents, even birds can invade our home, and cause all kinds of damage. Not only are pests unpleasant to live alongside but they can also be a hazard to our health too. On top of this, they can multiply so quickly that it doesn’t take long for a small problem to become a large (and potentially expensive) one. For example pigeons corrosive droppings can cause severe damage to buildings, rodents can chew through electric cables and termites can massively compromise the structure of a property. Here are a few things to bear in mind to keep them at bay.

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Keep The Home Clean and Tidy

When your home is in a clean and tidy condition, it makes it a lot easier to notice the signs of pests early on. Droppings, active pests, eggs or damage caused from gnawing are all things you might spot if pests move into your property. If you’re generally surrounded by clutter and mess, it might be longer before you spot the signs meaning the infestation has more time to spread.


Keep Food Sealed

Many pests come into our homes in search of food. Therefore it’s so important to always keep food wrapped and sealed. Transfer paper or cardboard packets in your cupboards and pantry into glass or plastic containers– these are far harder for pests to get into. Even pet food on the floor can be a source of nutrition for pests, you could take it up each evening and cover it to make sure your home doesn’t become a target.

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Use a Screen

In the summer we of course want our windows open with the fresh breeze blowing through. But this gives any pests and other insects a chance to get into our homes. It’s particularly problematic in the evening when it’s dark outside and the lights on in the home- it doesn’t take long for moths, daddy long legs and other critters to show up! There are retractable patio screens you can purchase which allow you to have the door open but keep the pests out. Perfect for getting a cool breeze into your home without insects invading.


Call an Exterminator

While there are lots of products on the market to deal with various infestations, your best bet is always to call an exterminator. They will ensure that the issue is dealt with and the pests won’t come back. With many types of pests, it can be difficult to break the life cycle, as the active pests are killed but eggs remain and can completely re-establish from this.


Pests can make you feel dirty and question your cleanliness, but it’s not the case as no home is immune. Following these simple tips will help to keep them at bay, and tackle the problem as quickly as possible if they do invade.


Have you had to deal with pests in your home?


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