Giving Your Garden A Spring Clean


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The inside of your home might not be the only place that needs a spring clean. Winter wreaks havoc on our gardens and can often lead them in need of a makeover. Here’s how to bring your garden back to life so that it’s looking bright and cheerful for summer.


Tidy up winter waste
Leaves may have rotted away but other debris such as branches and twigs may need to be collected up from your lawn. This needs to be done before you can think about mowing or doing any other gardening work. If you’ve got a pond, you may want to give this a clean of winter debris. Draining the entire pond could be an option (you’ll need to spare a day for this though as it’s no easy task).

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Trimming back wild foliage


Mowing the lawn will be most people’s first course of action as soon as spring hits. However, other plants may also need to be tamed back such as overgrown hedges, unruly crawler plants or bushes that have overstepped their boundaries and are now invading other plant space. Buying a strimmer could be worthwhile. You should also take efforts against weeds.


Repair your fencing
Bad weather may have damaged any fencing. Spring is the perfect time to make repairs or alternatively buy new fencing. Companies such as Fencing Direct offer all types from ornamental fencing to boundary fencing. This could revitalise the look of your garden. Ensure to check with your local council for height restrictions.

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Seed new plants


Spring is the time to seed new plants in time for summer. When it comes to flowers, try plants such as daffodils, tulips and magnolia. As for fruit and vegetables, the choices are endless including anything from spinach to radishes. Make sure to mulch up the soil thoroughly first to prevent any weed growth.


Prepare for summer


Spring is often the best time to start those big garden projects so that they’re completed for summer when you want to make the most of them. This could be anything from building a pond to laying a patio. If you’re hiring a handyman, you may have more chance of finding someone in the Spring (gardeners and landscapers can get pretty booked up in the summer). Rates may also rise as the summer months approach.
If you need a new barbeque, you’re also much better off buying before summer hits. Garden furniture and paddling pool and other summer items can often sell for a discount out of season when the demand is lowest. Consider what is it that your garden needs for the hot months ahead. If last year the earth started to dry up and grass stopped growing, it could be worth investing in some sprinklers from a company such as Hozelock. If last year it was too cold to sit outside in the evening, a patio heater or a chiminea could be worth buying. All these items will be far cheaper in Spring than in the height of Summer.

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