I Am Sixteen Going On Seventeen!


These days, being a teenager is harder than ever so it’s pretty important they can invite their mates over without being embarrassed by their old My Little Pony, or worse Hello Kitty duvet cover. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to transform your daughter’s bedroom into something out of Teen Vogue, just a dollop of inspiration, a spark of creativity and a little mom and daughter shopping trip to your local hobbycraft store!

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Kiss And Makeup


Teenage girls tend to have a beauty product collection to rival a MAC counter which often means it ends up everywhere. You buy her a makeup bag, it gets too small, she clears out her drawers but then has no room for her hair accessories or jewelry. This magnetic, yes magnetic, makeup mirror is the perfect way to keep all her blush, eyeshadow and powder tidy and in one place while upcycling an old worn out picture frame! Simply paint the frame, locate a sheet of metal and have it cut to the same size, stretch some pretty fabric on top and glue gun into place before reinserting into the frame. Then, head to the dollar store to pick up a bunch of magnets with sticky backs, attach a magnet to each item of makeup, hang the picture frame and voila! Her days of tipping the house upside down in search of that nude lip gloss are over.

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Paper Heart Art


It’s a great way to brighten up her bedroom without splashing out on expensive tins of paint! Simply cut out some paper hearts from brightly colored craft card, or create flowers, leaves,

or even emoji’s whatever you think she’d like! Attach them to a length of string by using a hole punch. Use invisible tape to hold them in place and then find a length of wood that’s suitable for her wall. Decorate the wood itself with cute stickers, lace, velvet or just natural varnish, then nail it to the wall and let the curtain of hearts or flowers cascade down to her bed head.


You could even create a similar effect in front of her bedroom door so you walk through a pretty glittering curtain of flowers into her space. Why not take inspiration from other craft bloggers, refer to this page or think about surprising her with a personal art gallery? Simply ask her friends for pictures, or print some yourself and attach them all to string or soft rope. Hang them from the ceiling beside her desk, or near her wardrobe door and then just  wait for her to notice the new additions to her room.

Pexels Photo: Pixabay

Eco-Friendly Desk Tidy!


Forget expensive, plastic desk organisers and instead, embrace upcycling with this neat tutorial on turning an iPhone box into a bespoke desk tidy. Along with the usual stationary supplies i.e. sticky notes, paperclips, pencils, erasers, and paper you’ll need scissors, tape and an empty iPhone box. All you need to do is take out all the extra bits, paint the box entirely white, let it dry and use the slots and spaces provided to house her school supplies.


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