Pet Prohibition? These Suggestion Might Help


The problem with owning animals is that while is very rewarding, it’s not just possible for everyone to do. This can be particularly hard if you have your little one asking when they are going to get a pet all of the time! But maybe it’s impossible because a member of the family has an allergy to a dog or cat fur? Or that your current living situation just doesn’t allow for pets? Or, it could be that the type of animal that you want to have are currently beyond your means such as horses or pedigree dogs? But stress not, as there are some interim measures you can take to placate your animal loving family, even just for the short term. Until you are in a better position to consider getting a real pet. Read on to find out more.


Simulation games


So the first stop you may want to make on our weird and wonderful list of pet alternatives the simulation game. These are perfect for those who want to learn how to take care of a fluffy friend without including all the mess and cost of a real one. So if your kids are hassling you for a pet, then you might want to get them one of these games first.


There are various one available across the different systems, but in particular Pet Pals: A New Lease Of Life stands out. In this game, your can not only feed and interact with you animal buddies but also build up your care skills as well. Which make it a wonderful choice for budding veterinarians. Then there is Catz, which allows you to raise a kitten including looking after and playing with him.


Of course, if you want to stay away from the typical cat and dog fare that is available, then you could always check out the absolute best horse racing video games available at the moment. A perfect way to channel your latent jockey, without having to spend your free time mucking out!


Gadget pets
But if 2D simulations just aren’t going to be enough to fill that void in their lives, then the next step is to take a look at the gadget pets that are available.



This trend started with the Tamagotchi, the crazy hatching egg, digital buddy that was so popular in the 1990’s. The little fella beeps every time it needs feeding, its poop cleaned up, or some attention. So it’s a fairly accurate, if simple and infuriating way to get used to caring for a pet, before the fact.


Robot pets
Of course, as technology advances so do the faux pets on offer, think Furby and the like. But right now at the top end of the market is the Hasbro companion pet. These are ‘realistic ‘cats with fake fur that roll over on the back for belly rubs, and even purr.




Yes, terrifying they may sound. But they could get you out of a jam if only a ‘real’ fur baby will do. But there’s just no way of getting one at the moment.

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