Thrifty Tips For Furnishing Your Home


When you move to a new house, you spend an awful lot of money. It’s not just the cost of packing the boxes, it’s hiring the movers, hiring cleaners to do thoroughly clean the house, it’s the deposit and first month of rent if you’re renting – the list goes on. A house move is not a cheap endeavour and if you’re moving to an unfurnished property, you face the bigger challenge of finding the money to furnish the house.

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Thankfully, furniture is not always hugely expensive. Sure, you can find the expensive furniture stores like this one, but if you’re working to a budget, you need to be smart. It’s important to remember that being thrifty with your furniture does not mean being cheap. You can buy beautiful second hand furniture that still has a lot of life left in it and even be creative with it to upcycle and make it look great. With these tips, you can furnish your new home way under the budget you have set for yourself:

  1. Preloved: Second hand furniture stores are not a place to shy away from. People who donate their used furniture to these shops often donate barely used items so you can find some fantastic deals at a fraction of the cost they started at. Have a rummage through the charity shops and grab yourself a couple of great bargains.
  2. Upcycle: If you’re a fan of what’s on trend, you’ll know that pallet furniture and furnishing made from scraps is very in right now. The only trouble is ensuring that the pallets and wood that you pick up is treated correctly. It’s never nice to accidently introduce pests to your home but thankfully there are companies like Terminix out there to sort out termites that could be in the pallets you’ve rescued. Upcycling furniture by reupholstering furniture can also be a wonderful way to breathe some life into the home.
  3. Accessorise: Sometimes the best accessories for your new home are the ones that you make into furniture. Large bean bags and cushions in the lounge as slouch seats are a fantastic example of this. Inexpensive but comfortable and this works for bedding and furnishing a window seat.
  4. Décor: Once you’ve managed to furnish your home, move onto to decorating. Less is more is the best thing to go for when it comes to interior design. A feature wall with one colour used as a gallery wall is an excellent way to decorate a living room. Buying fabrics to make curtains and cushion covers that match can coordinate the rooms of the house without spending too much money. Being a dab hand with a sewing machine isn’t a problem either with YouTube videos like these you can follow.

Your house move is going to be pricey, there’s no real way around it, but you can control how much you spend for the inside of the house. Furnish carefully and intelligently and you can save money in so many different areas of the home, and who doesn’t love to save money?


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