Bigger Doesn’t Mean Better

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We have all had moments of pure frustration trying to navigate our way around busy city centres in our cars. So with small cars undoubtedly being the niftiest way to dart about your day to day urban lives here are our top 3 mini city cars should you be looking to invest in your very own city runaround.


Mercedes Smart Car


As we said, small cars are the best option for darting around busy city centres and the seriously cute Mercedes smart car sits firmly at the top of our list of favourites. This original ‘micro-car’ can fit into spaces you didn’t even realise were parking spaces which can half your time looking for a place to park up. At just 106 inches in length there is only enough room for two seats so this is by no means a family car but is perfect for doing a city chores. Its layout is clean, stylish and always ranks well in safety tests. The frame is designed for safety and passengers are protected by airbags.


Mini Cooper


The Mini Cooper is also a strong contender for the niftiest and nimblest city car. With so many different specifications available the Mini Cooper allows you to find the right version to suit your individual needs. However even the most basic model of the mini offers serious fun and agility behind the wheel. It’s a real sporty little number and although it’s at the larger end of the city cars it’ll have you nipping around getting your city tasks done in no time at all.

Fiat 500


The Fiat 500 comes from the iconic European mini-bug car, The Cinquecento. Having evolved over time the Fiat 500 now offers some exceptional advancement but the tiny proportions still can’t help but make you smile. With enough trunk space for weekend luggage and spacious enough back seats this model definitely packs more of a punch on the space side, than you would expect.

Putting in the Research

When you are looking for your next city run around make sure you do your research. They can all look very charming and attractive to look at but it’s important to establish the different features to make sure they are right for your needs. If you’re looking for a good finance package have a look around your local companies like,, to see what options are available to you and how they can help you out.

It is also a good idea to check out a range of car blogs to say what people are saying about these models if you need a little help deciding which one you’d like to go for. Obviously there are always going to be contradictory reviews, as with anything in life, but they should give you a good idea about the different specification, functions and safety features available for each model. So get researching and see which one stands out to you.

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