Drinks And The Zodiac: Your Star Sign’s Perfect Tipple


Think you always went for the drink that best-suited your taste buds whenever you are out at a bar? Think again! In actual fact, there could be greater powers at work, and it could be the zodiac that dictates your drinking habits. There are some people who think that your star sign has a lot to answer for when it comes to what you drink. Think it’s true? Read on to see if your favorite drink matches the usual one for your astrological sign.





Aries are very sociable creatures and, just like they can move from person to person, they are able to move from drink to drink. White wine and then a dark bitter? No problem for this fun-loving sign!




No matter how much booze you pick up from your local liquor store, I’m sure there won’t ever be enough for your Taurean friend! And these guys often prefer it strong, so it’s a good idea to stock up on plenty of Scotch.




Gemini is the sign of the twins, and those under it can act like they have two distinct personalities when it comes to alcohol! One week they may stick to sparkling wine, the next they might prefer something a little more stiff, such as a sharp gin and tonic.




People who are a cancer sign might prefer to have a quiet night in at home away from all the noise of a bar, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like the odd tipple. In fact, they are very partial to a sophisticated glass of wine on the sofa!




Leos are known as the trendsetter of the zodiac, so if there is some cool new beer or cocktail concoction at the bar, you can be sure that the Leo of the group will be the first to try it. As well as always trying new things, Leos love being sophisticated




Virgo’s know exactly how they like their wine. They won’t trust anyone else with their favorite bottle of white wine and will want to make sure that it is chilled to the exact right temperature.




People who were born under the sign of Libra prefer to drink out in the sun and will do everything that they can to stay away from dark and dingy bars. It’s all about keeping the equilibrium, y’know? And the best thing to drink in the sun is a long cocktail or glass of fizz.




The Scorpio of the group is always last to leave the bar, and will have probably lined up a few G&Ts while everyone else is on their way home!




Sagittarius are very sociable and love buying rounds- rounds of Tequila shots, that is! And they are so persuasive, how can you ever say no to that drink?!




Capricorns know that their body is a temple and, if anyone would be thinking about going Teetotal, it is definitely them. But they’re still happy indulging in a posh wine and cheese night.




As Aquariums are dreamers, they love inspirational drinks like Swimming Pool cocktails and other brightly colored drinks.




True night owls, Pisceans don’t mind what they drink as long as they have a buddy with them!


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