Everyone Loves Good Neighbors


The classic Australian soap got it right when it said, ‘everybody needs good neighbors with a little understanding.’ Let’s face it – the last thing you need is a neighbor from hell. Apart from turning up on a daytime TV show, you’ll also never get any sleep or enjoy living in your home. But, have you ever thought of it the other way around? Have you ever wondered if you are a bad stable buddy? If you’re currently renovating, you will fit into this category. However, with a few simple moves, you can get out of the street’s bad books.

Notify Them

It’s always nice to know about renovation work beforehand to get used to the idea. Sure, they might not be happy about it, but they won’t put up too much of a fuss. They definitely won’t come banging on the door late at night asking what the hell is going on! Some people even come up with favorable terms for both parties, like no power drills after 8. That way, there is no excess noise or racket when they’re sitting down to dinner. All it takes a quick chat, and you’ll have them on your side.

Finish It Quickly

People don’t want contractors turning up for weeks on end. They want them to disappear as soon as they appeared, and that should be your aim. After all, you don’t want them there longer than necessary because of the price. Firstly, you need to choose a partner that has a good track record. If they have quality customer satisfaction reviews, you can be sure they’ll finish on time. Then, take care of the jobs that aren’t as complicated. Siding and window installation only takes a couple of hours, whereas painting can take a day. The quicker you complete the work, the happier the neighborhood.

Be Tidy

Their biggest pet hate is going to be the mess. Unfortunately, keeping the mess in one area isn’t easy. In fact, it’s inevitable that it will spread. Even if you do keep it on your property, the neighborhood won’t like the fact that you’re dirtying the street. And, it’s a good point. Wouldn’t you be the same? With this in mind, it’s essential that you keep the lack of grubbiness to a minimum. A tip: try and clean up straight away when you get the chance. If you do, it makes the cleanup process more manageable.


Just because they aren’t complaining to your face doesn’t mean they aren’t doing it behind your back. Owning a house is like being in politics, so it isn’t common for someone to call you out. In fact, it rarely happens unless an incident boils over. Quite simply, you’ll never know what they think until you ask their opinion. By communicating throughout the project, you can make changes that will make them happier. It might not seem worth it, but it’s better than falling out with a person for the rest of your life.

If you think that’s an exaggeration, you haven’t had a run in with your neighbor yet!


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