Five Things to Consider Before Picking a Gift for Your Boyfriend

Picking a gift for your boyfriend can be troubling—especially if you haven’t known them for very long! But with their birthdate or your anniversary coming up, the rush to find the perfect gift is probably already underway. If you want to impress your partner, then make sure you consider these five points before you spend any money.


Reduce the number of items you buy

When you look up gift ideas for men, you might be presented with a lot of different choices. This could cover anything from simple accessories to practical items. For instance, gift websites might recommend some kind of perfumes, shaving accessories, alcohol gift sets and so on, but they’re usually small gifts and you’ll feel like you haven’t contributed much in terms of gifts. However, you need to stop thinking about the value of your gift. Getting a single bottle of perfume or a toiletries gift set isn’t such a bad thing. If you buy several items, then all it does is diminish the value of the gift and it takes attention away from each item. Think of it this way, if you presented your boyfriend with 5 different gifts, he has to split his attention between all of them and comment on 5 different things. Instead of giving him too much to think about, focus on getting a single item or a gift set, not multiple things.

There’s no need to show off your money

To coincide with the last point, you don’t have to overspend in order to give a gift. Your boyfriend isn’t going to love you more if you spend more money. It doesn’t make you more valuable to him. In fact, it could have the opposite effect and your boyfriend might feel inadequate for not giving you a gift of equal value. If you want to be the reliable one in a relationship and provide for your boyfriend, then this is perfectly acceptable. However, if you’re the one that wants to be taken care of, then try not to spend too much money and don’t spend money in an attempt to win his affection.

Spend less if you haven’t known them for long

If you’ve only known your boyfriend for a few months, then try not to spend too much money on them. If the upcoming occasion is something special like Valentine’s Day, then simply get them a greeting card and perhaps a gift card for something generic such as Amazon or the Apple Store. Try not to invest too much time and money into your first gift because if the relationship doesn’t go well, it will just hurt that much more when you realise you spent so much effort trying to get them the perfect gift, only to be rejected or to see your boyfriend withdraw from the relationship.

Speak with friends for some advice

Ask your friends who have been in relationships in the past and consult their advice. If you’ve known your boyfriend for a while and you have contact with their friends or family members, then consider getting advice from them. You might discover some useful hints that will help you pick a gift for your boyfriend. For example, if you speak to his friends and they say he’s an avid gamer, then perhaps getting him a new headset, keyboard or mouse for his computer would be the perfect practical gift. If your boyfriend loves sports, then getting him and his friends some tickets to see a big game could be a fantastic gift idea.

Sentimentality versus practicality

When buying a gift, the two most important things to think about are practicality and sentimentality. If you’re lacking either of these in your gift, then it won’t make a good gift. For example, if you’re focusing on a sentimental gift that will be sweet and give your boyfriend lots of fond memories, then you’re doing a fantastic job of giving them an emotional gift. Examples of this include personalized items and gifts that relate to your past, such as a music CD of the song you first listened to together, or a framed picture of the first selfie you took together. On the other spectrum, you have practical gifts. This includes things such as a kitchen appliance your boyfriend needs, a new phone case or a set of workout equipment to help him get into shape. These are the types of gifts that will be used by your boyfriend on a regular basis, hence why they’re known as practical gifts.


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