Get Back To The Honeymoon Phase


Do you feel like your relationship has lost the spark it once had? Maybe the spontaneity is gone, or you just don’t do anything exciting together anymore. Well here’s how to change that and get your love life back to that honeymoon phase.


Maybe you think your partner knows you find them attractive, but it shouldn’t mean you should just stop telling them. It’s always nice to be complimented, especially when you’ve made a real effort to look good. No one wants to feel as if that has gone unnoticed, so make your thoughts known.

When your partner walks past, and you think they smell nice – tell them. Or maybe they’ve done their hair a little different, and you think it looks good – tell them! Let them know that you still see them, and notice the little things.


Remember when you first got together, you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other? Why isn’t it like that anymore? It’s understandable with time, we settle down a little, and we’re not so excited, but that doesn’t me you can’t go in for a kiss when it’s not expected. Or stroke their leg when you’re in the car. It doesn’t just feel nice – it creates a sense of security between the two of you. And that feeling is a wonderful one.


Who doesn’t like to flirt? It makes the relationship exciting again! When your partner is at work, surprise them with a cheeky text message or take a photo of what you plan on wearing later that night. It will be so unexpected and adventurous that your other half will end up leaving work early to find out what’s going on! Everyone wants to feel wanted and desired, and there’s no reason that should stop after being with someone for a long time! So get flirting!


Why not surprise your love with a gift? Make them feel special by coming home to a stunning bouquet or roses, or a lovely fitted shirt. When they ask you what it’s for, just tell them because you love them!

You could take it a step further by personalizing your gifts with custom messages too, so visit Zoey’s Personalized Gifts today and find the perfect present.


How long has it been since you went out on a date together? It is important not to let things like this slip away over the years. Make time. Set a date night, if you’ve got kids, find some childcare for the evening, and go out for a meal, or go to the cinema, or even go dancing! It doesn’t matter what you do; it’s just about focusing some energy on each other, as a couple, like you once did. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean things have to get boring, you should be discovering another side to your relationship now! So relight that flame you had when you first met. Remind each other why you fell in love in the first place.

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