Going for the Garden of Eden look?

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We all dream of having the perfect garden. Secret walkways, vibrant flower patches, water features and romantic canopies, you can make your garden into a heavenly paradise. Whether you’re a green thumb or not, having your own space and place to relax is something everyone wants in life. With the summer approaching, that means warmer weather and longer days, which means more time in the garden. This guide gives you the handy tips you need in order to make that garden transformation once and for all!


  • Pick your style


Firstly, you need to think about the purpose of your garden and decide on a style. From contemporary to cottage, wildlife to Mediterranean, there is a wide range of styles for you to ponder over. Let it be something which the whole family agrees on, that way you can work together and look forward to reshaping the garden space. If you get stuck for ideas, use online magazines such as, IdealHome, to get inspiration.  There are plenty of people ready to share awesome ideas if you ask on social media too.

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  • Change the landscape of your garden


Fed up of that crumbling pathway? Or that decking which is over ten years old? Depending on your budget, make sure that you plan it right and decide on an affordable, new landscape for your garden. There are tons of landscaping ideas to match your needs, whatever you’re after. Pergolas, paving, play areas, vegetable gardens and raised flower beds, the world is your oyster when it comes to remodelling the garden. Just make sure that you think about the size of your garden first. If you make the wrong purchases and buy materials which aren’t needed, you will be wasting time and money. Planning is essential and should be done first before rushing into anything else.


  • Spruce up the grass


Whichever style and landscape you have chosen, you need a green, fresh lawn to compliment it. Keeping up with the general maintenance of your garden is essential to having a pest-free and healthy patch of grass. To keep that fresh look, think about using lawn fertiliser and sprinklers to keep the grass hydrated. If there are areas of your garden which aren’t as green, plant new grass seed to bring it back to life.


  • Plant a lot of flowers


What’s a garden without any flowers? The look, the touch and the smell of flowers make us feel happy and are essential for creating that Garden of Eden inspired look. It is fundamental that you choose the correct place for your flower patch before digging straight away. Draw a plan of your outdoor space and note down which areas you would like to see more colour and attraction. A quick, effective way to prep the soil and remove any weeds is by using a cordless cultivator. One of these can get your flower patches ready in no time! For any beginners out there, who want to start learning how to do gardening, check out this post here for tips.


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  • Making it safe


It’s easy to get carried away with all the fun of designing a new garden and then forgetting about the health and safety aspects to it. Ensure that you don’t have any pest infestations lurking underneath that decking or in the bird feeder you forgot to throw away. If you have pets and children, rodents like rats and badgers, can be a danger, especially if they carry any diseases. Also, make sure that your hazardous items such as, garden tools, paint, and weed killer spray are stowed away safely, preferably in a garden storage such as, a shed, to keep away from the curiosity of the children. Lastly, keep a lock on the shed to deter any thieves away.


  • Add some unique features


Make your garden your own by adding some original features to it. Calming water features can add a sense of serenity to the garden, especially if you live near the city and want to escape it all. Ornaments are also a brilliant way to brighten up the garden and something for the guests to gaze at in awe. Hanging plants, cascading vegetation will give your garden that naturalistic element which you will love. If you’re going for the Mediterranean look, a grid pathway will suit this style well. Moreover, for the cottage look, boxwood borders and tree trunk seating will really give the place a rural feel. For the wildlife theme, a birdbath and water fountain would be a wonderful feature.


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  • Give it that Summer touch


After all, you’re remodeling for the summer, so fill your garden with accessories that you will use in the sun. Have somewhere to sit with benches, sun-loungers, and gazebos. Store a paddling pool, sandpit and sport items in the shed for the kids. You could even let the children have a go at planting some flowers and watering some plants. This would really get them into gardening and feeling a part of the team. In relation to lighting, hang some lanterns from the trees and use solar lights to place in front of the flower patches. This way, you are bringing the garden to life not only in the day, but at night too. Also, don’t forget to have a barbecue ready for those delicious burgers and skewers!   


  • And, relax


When all the garden planning, landscaping, and flower planting is over, breathe a sigh of relief, lay back in your hamper and enjoy the fact that all your hard work has paid off. To retain the beauty of your garden, keep a schedule of when you will do regular maintenance e.g. watering the plants and mowing the lawn.


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Remodeling a garden is not for the faint hearted and requires a lot of planning and help. Work as a team with your family and those who are close to you and make it a joint effort, after all everyone else will be enjoying the garden and using it too.

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