How to Cleverly Add Colour to Your Home

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We all need colour in our lives and that’s never more true than when it comes to our homes. Filling our living spaces with colour can instantly transform spaces from boring to breathtaking. So here are our super simple tricks on how to add colour to your homes to really bring them to life.


Bring New Life to Old Furniture


Take a tour around your house, looking at all your furniture and look for any items that are perhaps looking a little old or bit unloved. Then think about how you can add colour to these items. Dark and old bookshelves could be reinvented with a chic, Parisian whitewash make-over. An old set of drawers that are now looking a bit feeble can be updated by painting a couple of the drawers with bright pops of colours. Or perhaps your bathroom cabinet could benefit from a burst of colour to add vibrancy to your bathroom. Think about your existing furniture and how can you add a little colour here and there to make them more modern and interesting and add more colour to your home.




If you are a little fickle when it comes to changing styles, the layering approach to interior design is definitely the right approach for you. Maintaining a neutral base to your home, you can add colour with your textiles, ornaments and decoration. So as your style and mood changes you can easily swap these items with others to create a different colour palette and therefore a different mood.


Get Painting


The paintwork around our homes can be one of the last areas we think of when looking for fast fixes to revamp our homes. It can often feel like too much of a chore to take on repainting our homes so it’s easily pushed down to the bottom of the lift. However the paint schemes in our homes are one of the most important aspects of our home when it comes to colour and overall style, so it can’t be ignored forever.


Look around your home at the individual style of each room and decide from there which colour would best bring that space to life. Perhaps you want to go bold or maybe you want to be neutral and add colour to the other, smaller details around your home. If you’re lost for inspiration go online and look at interesting colour schemes to fill you with some ideas of what would look best in your home.


To slash your painting time in half consider investing in a paint spray machine from a company such as,, to have a look at the best machines on the market. It not only makes any painting job super quick it also makes it pretty fun too. Just make sure your kids don’t get their hands on it as your hard work could very easily get painted over with their own method of home painting!


It’s All in the Detail


Looking at interesting and eclectic pieces to add to your home decor is a super simple way to add blasts of colour into the nooks and crannies of your home. A bright blue mini watering or a chic frosted vase or unexpected items, like an old teapot to hold fresh flowers will keep your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living room fresh and floral.


Focusing on all the little details already on offer in your home and putting a unique twist on them are all great ways to make sure your home is full of colourful style. Bold candles, unique ceramics and chic photo frames are the sorts of little details that you want to be bringing to the forefront of your living spaces to add life and personality to your home. Taking these items and mixing and matching them to create interesting colour contrasts is really fun and looking at original ways to use these items can put a really creative spin on your home decor.




The artwork in your home should also be a key area for you to focus on when looking to add the right colour in the right spaces. Maybe your living room is a very bright space so may overpower any bolder pieces of art you may have. Therefore you may want to try putting livelier pieces of art in any bathrooms that have a more serene colour palette.


Similarly if your conservatory or dining room is a place for relaxing look at the art you have that offers soothing and relaxing colours. As the kitchen is generally a more lively space you can try adding more energetic colours with colour block art and more daring features.




Integrating colour through interesting patterns is another sure fire way of adding an interesting spectrum of colour to your home. Bedroom linen with striking patterns could be just what your boudoir needs to make it feel more energetic and vibrant. Or maybe your bathroom looks a little plain and is need of a little more personality. Try adding colourful shower curtains or towels and rugs to lift the feel of the room. You could even create a theme in your bathroom, like a nautical theme, with blue and white striped towels, shells and pretty white-wash anchors.


Maybe your living room is one space that is lacking a little personality so think about how you can add colour through bringing in some interesting patterns. Warm, soft blankets are one of the easiest ways to add splashes of colour to any room, so shop around for interesting patterns and interesting colour ranges.


Curtains are another item that can completely transform a room and the way it feels. Curtains come if an endless arrays of different styles so look at the different types of patterns that would best suit the existing colours of each room.


Don’t Be Afraid to Go to the Dark Side


People generally back away from black when looking at decorated their homes, however when used correctly black can be chic, sophisticated and very sexy. Black works particularly well in dining rooms as it is a space that you generally dip in and out of. Black bedrooms may make getting out of bed on a monday morning that little bit harder, and a black-based living room might not bring out our best moods after a long day. So opting for rooms that we don’t spend as much time in would be the best idea.


Decorating dining rooms with black wallpaper, or a black dining table and chairs will mean you will be able to really go to town on the details. Black goes well with literally everything so you’ll be able to have a lot of fun when decorating your table for dinner parties and when choosing any other soft furnishings or artwork for this space.


Keep a Balance


Try to keep a good balance between neutral and bold, bright colours. Your neutral colours should form around 80% of the colour in your home, with the bolder colours offering a much smaller percentage. Any sort of ‘bling bling’ or sparkle should just really be the icing on the cake and shouldn’t be overdone.


When you are planning the colour scheme of a room think about your main neutral or ‘foundation’ colour and how you can build on that with complimentary brighter colours. Be mindful to not overdo it as too many different bright colours can overpower a room and make it look too busy and chaotic. So focus first on your calmer colours and then consider building up your bright, character colours over time.

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