How To Turn A New House Into A New Home

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Moving into a new house is an exciting experience. You came here for the modern design, new appliances, fresh paint, and a fresh start. If your old house was becoming a little run-down and difficult to maintain then this is likely a lovely shock to the system. Still, it’s not quite a home yet. For all its fancy aesthetics, the one thing that can’t be manufactured is that warm, welcoming, homely feeling. No house viewing can provide your exact definition of homeliness, but it’s about seeing the potential for a house to become your home.

You might think that you need to wait a few months for your house to start feeling like a home, and while this may be the case in terms of settling into your new town or city and coming to terms with the fact that your old home is no longer your home, you don’t have to just sit around and wait for your new property to feel like it’s yours. There are ways to add your own personality and character to the household, and here are just a few tips regarding how to do so.


Make a plan.

If you’re going to start renovating the property to turn it from the beautiful paradise you saw in the house viewing to your personal paradise then you need to form a plan first. You might want to start moving things around, repainting and perhaps replacing a couple of things which you envisioned being structured differently when you first looked around the place. This is all important, as no house for sale on the market will have the exact appearance you envisioned. However, achieving the dream look for your house will require time and money; you need to ensure you have sufficient amounts of both so that you don’t run into a wall halfway through the renovation and find yourself in a tricky spot.


Create a consistent theme.

Whatever ideas you have for your house in terms of DIY and personalizing the place, you need to opt for consistency in terms of the theme you choose. You might want to make the place homely but you probably don’t want to ruin that fresh, modern, neat and tidy feel to the place. You need to choose colors which complement one another and ensure that this theme runs throughout the house. It might be a little too overwhelming to have clashing themes and colors from room to room. Brighter colors are obviously much warmer and far more welcoming, as they invite natural light into a room.


The use of space and lighting is so integral to the aesthetic of a home, and it’s important that you remember this even when you’re designing your property in your own personalized image. You want to feel as if you can breathe in your home, so you should be incorporating minimalism, openness, and clever storage solutions into your theme. Start as you mean to go on, and avoid clutter as soon as you move into your property. You could use quirky shelving in your kitchen or boxes beneath the bed to ensure all your personal possessions don’t overcrowd and ruin your theme.

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Get stuck in with your outdoor space.

The garden of your new home may be something you’ve given little or a lot of thought, but it’s still an important element of your house, either way. You should put together some design ideas for it much like any other room in the house, even if that simply means tidying up the place with a little weeding, mowing and trimming. You don’t have to change anything in your new house if you already like it, but you want to get stuck in with trying to add some of your personal flavor to everywhere from the bedroom to the garden so that it feels like your home. Perhaps you could add some cushioned furnishings to the patio and relax out there on a warm summer’s evening.


Make a good first impression.

Creating an impressive-looking house shouldn’t just be something you do for the sake of potential guests but for you and the rest of the family. You all want to come home from work or school and see an inviting entrance to your home. If you want to achieve this effect then you should work on creating a warm and cozy entry hallway. You could hang photos of the family on the wall, buy a funny doormat, and use a quirky style that everyone can appreciate.

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Don’t forget creature comforts.

No matter how aesthetically pleasing your new, modern home may be to the eye, it may not feel warm, inviting or relaxing just yet. The sofas might be too sleek and squeaky, and the walls might look a little barren and lifeless. You should be filling the place with all those homely things both old and new which are either comforting to use or observe. For example, you could do some research into when to buy a mattress to ensure your bed feels the way that you want it to feel; it’s always a good idea to sort these things out as soon as you move into your new home because you may be particular about the sorts of things which you find relaxing or homely.


Spend time in the house.

At the end of the day, the thing which makes a house a home is your family, friends and the people with whom you spend time there. You need to make some memories in order to start seeing this place as a home. It isn’t the fancy, modern furnishings that you’ll remember for years to come but the fun days and nights you spend with the people who mean most to you in this humble abode. That’s the key to creating a home. You need to focus on spending time in your new house and just continuing life as before but in a whole new chapter. Don’t force it; memories and those homely vibes will come naturally.

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