Keep Your Neighbors Happy with These Home Maintenance Tasks


Many people choose to live within a homeowner’s association (HOA) so that they can be sure their neighborhood maintains a certain level of respectability. Being in an HOA means everyone needs to follow the rules about maintenance, noise, and other issues that can affect your neighbors. But even if you don’t belong to an HOA, it’s often nice to do some of these things anyway. It’s considerate of your neighbors, and it helps to make your life easier if you don’t have them complaining to you. If you want to help keep your neighbors happy, here are some of the home maintenance tasks you should be doing.

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Keep Trees and Bushes Trimmed Back


At some point, your property ends and your neighbor’s begins. If you’ve ever had a survey of the land carried out, it’s possible you know exactly where that line is. However, even if you don’t, you probably have an informal idea of which land is yours and while is your neighbor’s. It’s likely to be separated by a fence. One thing that can be a bit annoying is when a bush or tree from your property starts to grow into your neighbor’s property. It can drop leaves or even fruit, leaving them with the cleanup. Try somewhere like to help you keep trees trimmed back. Of course, you can ask that they do the same if it helps you out.


Mow Your Lawn


One of the main rules for many HOAs is that everyone needs to keep their grass trimmed. Long grass can look unsightly, but it’s not the only reason that some people object to it. Sometimes it can attract pests, for example. It doesn’t take much to mow your lawn now and then, especially if it’s not that large. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you might be able to find a teenager in the neighborhood who will do it for you, or you could hire a professional landscaping company. You might even have a neighbor kind enough to do yours at the same time as their own.


Look After Your Home Exterior


Homeowner’s associations will often have rules about what color you can paint your house and your responsibility to perform maintenance. But even if you’re not a member of an HOA, maintaining your home’s exterior helps to keep the neighborhood looking good. Although you don’t have to limit yourself to two paint colors, it is often polite to avoid painting your house, so it stands out a lot. Making repairs as soon as you can keeps everything looking good too.




Noise can be an issue in a lot of places. Sometimes, even normal, everyday noise can end up disturbing your neighbors. If you have a noise problem, taking steps to soundproof your home could help. Some small steps like using carpets or rugs, or making sure your windows are properly sealed can make a big difference.
Getting along with your neighbors makes life easier, so taking care of your property is a worthwhile task.

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