Keeping Your Pooch Safe In The Yard

During the summer, it’s common to let your dog out in the garden. After all, they love the fresh air and bathing in the hot sun. And it can be fun for all the family when your pooch joins you in the backyard. However, you need to be so careful to ensure your pet is safe when in the yard. After all, you don’t want to find they have made a grand escape from the garden, or have an injury. Therefore, here are some ways to keep your pooch safe in the yard.


Keep all hazardous items away

It’s easy to leave things like rakes and lawn mowers out in your garden. After all, we aren’t so great at putting things away straight away! However, you need to be so careful if you are going to let your pooch out when these kind of items are just sitting around. After all, they might end up hurting their paw or getting caught if they sniff around that area. And then you will end up making a trip to the vet. Therefore, it’s so important for the safety of your pet to ensure any hazardous items are put away in a shed after you have finished using them. That way, they can go outside and play without getting hurt in the yard.

Make sure you have a solid fence

You want your pet to be able to play out in the yard without you worrying about them getting out. After all, it can be a horrendous time if your pet does go missing. And moreover, you don’t want anyone getting in your yard and taking your pooch. Therefore, you should make sure there is a solid wooden fence in your garden which can ensure your pet can’t go further afield. And it can be useful if you have a pool or a pond you don’t want them to get close to! You can find wood fences on that might look great in the garden. And if you do notice any missing panels over time, make sure they are quickly fixed to keep your pet safe in the backyard.

Rid the garden of pests

It’s common for your garden to have a wealth of pests during the warmer months. In fact, you might have to deal with bugs like wasps and fleas in your yard. And these can both prove an issue to your pets. For one thing, they might get stung which will leave them in pain. And if they get fleas, they could end up infested. Of course, there is a risk of big pests like moles and rats too in your yard. And these can harm your pooch too if they get too close. Therefore, to keep your pet safe in your yard, you need to make sure you get rid of any pests in the garden. You can get sprays to keep garden pests away, or contact an exterminator. Then you can safely let your pet out without worrying about a pest infestation!

And make sure you only have animal-friendly plants in your yard. Otherwise, you could have one poorly pooch to deal with! Look on for a list of plants you need to avoid!


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