Nintendo Switch Is The Best Selling Console In The US Right Now


Is it a handheld device, or a categorically a console? Nintendo’s latest hardware release is going for the amalgamation selling point. Well, for a handheld piece of technology, the graphics are sensationally good; some have argued that they’re on par with regular consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. Portable and light, it’s a nifty little pack n’ go kind of luxury. But, it’s also ideal for the home, transitioning seamlessly into a traditional console. But like every ‘jack of all trades’ concept, because it’s not dedicated in either role, you may ask, is it any good?

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Success rate

Although the Nintendo Switch is primarily sold as a portable console, the average price is retailing the product higher than an Xbox One and the Playstation 4. You might say, that it’s a newer product and so, expected to be priced higher than products which have been on sale for a number of years already. This means that even though Nintendo are marketing it as a mainly portable console, the price is that of a home-based console.

This makes it peculiar and one of a kind, but how does it fare in the market? Pretty damn good actually. Just two days ago IGN has confirmed that the Switch is the best-selling console in the US in April (2017).

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Games selling point

A friend recently commented as such ‘I knew I needed a Nintendo Switch when I saw this.’ What’s that you might ask? Well, Mario Kart Deluxe 8 is an exclusive multiplayer evolution for the Switch. In the same article, IGN released the top-selling console figures; they also confirmed that Mario Kart Deluxe 8 is the number one selling game in America right now.

The karts in the game react to the tilt feature the Switch possesses, so you can be sat on a train moving the console around as if it were a formula 1 racing car’s steering wheel. You might look a little strange, but hey, you’re the one who’s the least bored on a long journey; needs must and all that.

Multiplayer reliability

As all consoles that don’t have decent online multiplayer belong in a different century, Nintendo has worked on their technology and improved it since the sad deflated days of the Nintendo DS. Online multiplayer is available for compatible games from launch. Although at the moment it’s free, some of the normal functions are limited.

In the console’s current state, there’s no online voice chat and no ability to get your friends together in a group. Which actually is quite strange, because those two functions are a part of multiplayer games as standard for the other traditional consoles. You’ll have to wait for these features to come online; most likely they’ll come in a large software update, and chances are they won’t be free. Rumors are that they’ll be released in the fall of this year.

Basic online functions are very similar to the Wii U, navigation is largely unchanged and menus are very easy to use. An added bonus is, that up to 8 Switches can connect with each other. That’s very good for parties, picnics or long trips in a car, train, coach or aircraft.

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