Stubborn Stain Salvation – 6 Steps Toward Getting Your Bond Back


Stubborn Stain Salvation – 6 Steps Toward Getting Your Bond Back

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Getting your bond back at the end of a tenancy is a process often fraught with doubt and last-minute scrubbing. At the end of the process, can you be sure that you will get your money back?

The following 6 steps are aimed at giving you the best possible chance of seeing your hard earned cash again – minimal begging required.

Call A Professional

If you’re looking to give yourself the best possible chance of getting your bond back, hire a professional cleaner. Professional cleaners offer a service aimed at people leaving their houses – end of lease cleaning Melbourne. They do the type of deep-cleaning that’s really necessary at the end of a tenancy and ensure that your floors, walls and even the insides of your cupboards are fresh.

Magic Carpet

Clean carpets and floors make up a large part of a successfully sparkling home.

Carpet cleaning needs to be done well enough to remove stains, dust, pet fur and any other hidden nasties. Steam cleaning is the default requirement of most real estate agencies, as it removes all of these things, while leaving floors visibly clean and refreshed.

Professional carpet cleaners also offer tile cleaning, grout cleaning and floor polishing – great for home with floorboards. Extra attention to these features can really help sway a finicky landlord onto your side.

Window Dressing

Window cleaning is more than a little window dressing.

Windows are what separates us from the outside elements, and are usually coated in dirt, dust and other marks (from the inside and outside). Take the time to clean, polish and dust your windows – stopping to clear out cobwebs and any other vermin.

Blinds, curtains, and drapes will also need your attention.

If you haven’t regularly cleaned and washed these soft furnishings, now is the time to do it. Washing fabric curtains will renew their vibrancy and remove excess dust and allergens.

In The Garden

Outdoor spaces require as much – sometimes even more – attention as the indoor spaces. Mowing, pruning, and general maintenance to outdoor areas is important in the quest for an intact bond, and it’s good to get into the habit of regular maintenance well before your move.

A nice trick in neatening up your outdoor area is some last minute guerilla gardening.

Head to your local nursery and purchase some in-season native blooms. Plant the near the front door and back door for maximum impact. Paired with a neat, trimmed lawn, you’ll be on your way to retrieving your bond.

Up The Wall

Wall cleaning is frequently overlooked, even though walls make up one of the first and most immediate visuals of a home. Do a check on the overall state of your walls as you give them a cursory clean and wipe. Is the paint intact? If there is damage, is it of an everyday nature (wear and tear), or is it more dramatic? Are there areas of peeling or rising damp?

If damage to the walls is of an unusual nature or if it’s due to damage on your part, investigate the cost of DIY fixes. Some quick, clean plaster or putty may save you hundreds in bond deductions. If the damage is too intense, seek out a quote for a fix.  

Click, Click

Photography is an essential part of the process of moving out.

Make sure to capture and document and areas of possible contention – such as light fittings, wall damage and the state of the gardens. These are frequently disputed items, and you’ll be wishing you had visual proof of any damage or issues before you go to a tribunal.

If you had the foresight to take pictures or document any issues on a condition report when you moved in, now is the time to get these pictures and documents from the archive.  

Real estate agents and landlords can be notoriously merciless when it comes to the return of your bond money. These six steps will hopefully help you ensure the return of your bountiful bond, and give you ideas on how to preserve any bonds in the future.


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