Turning Yourself Into A Retro Gamer (The Authentic Way)


While so many people talk about the gaming revolution that’s happening right now, can we go back in time and remember a bygone era where games were simpler. And by simpler, I mean more complicated. Though it’s now classed as retro, the games of the late 80s and early 90s were much harder to complete, and I thought that it was just the fact that I was younger and had a less developed brain. But no, after trying to complete Streets Of Rage 2 on medium, I really struggled my way through. So, here is your guide to getting retro’d up!

For those with the gaming setup that consists of everything you need to survive a weekend, picture a time where you had no save option and God forbid, if you had a power cut or mom turned off the console “by accident,” it would be game over in so many respects. You spent days upon days finding the best way to kill the boss on that one pesky level, and you learned by replaying the game from the start all over again. It was a very time-consuming process, not like now at all! So if you want to be authentic to your retro ancestors, the save button is banned!


If you have the cash, you can go and purchase these consoles, but the big thing about retro consoles is that they cost an arm and a leg now, but luckily you can play Sega Genesis emulators online. And the great thing about playing these games on your PC is that the graphics were indeed simpler (I say more classic, but let’s not split hairs) so it won’t slow your PC down. And if you’re in the market to buy a new PC, there are dozens of options for your next gaming PC to choose from for your buck. And with thousands of games at your disposal online you can say goodbye to a weekend and find out actually how hard Sonic The Hedgehog was!

A big issue for modern gamers is that they don’t appreciate the level of skill and patience it takes to try and complete a game in one weekend. Unless you’re fully immersed in WOW or an RPG, it was a big task back then to complete a game in one sitting. A game like Flashback was so advanced and immersive for a platformer that I recall it took me around 2 months to complete. And the developers of that game really knew how difficult it was to complete so they put in passcodes so you could bypass levels that would have taken you (literally) 2.5 hours to complete.

The final thing to say about being an authentic retro gamer is to enjoy the graphics. The 8-bit setup doesn’t appeal to many gamers now, especially as they want their realism, but a game like Mortal Kombat, which was one of the first to have realistic looking characters lost its charm after a while, and we all went back to Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition. So sit back, put on some Nirvana (on tape of course!), and really feel what it was like to be a gamer back then…  

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