What Is The Difference Between Hemp And Pot Plants?


What Is The Difference Between Hemp And Pot Plants?

Both hemp and pot are two extremely popular names for the marijuana plant. While most of the time the word “cannabis” conjures up images of burning joints, the term doesn’t typically equate to plant-based plastics, military grade fabrics or durable paper. Understanding the difference between hemp and pot plants can be tough because of the lack of information available to the general public.

The Difference Between Hemp and Pot Plants

The term “pot plant” is utilized when describing a Cannabis Sativa plant that is specifically bred for its resinous, potent glands, which contain huge amounts of THC, giving the plant its psychoactive properties.

Hemp, on the other hand, is used to distinguish a plant that contains only small amounts of THC. Hemp is a high growing plant bred for its industrial uses, including topical ointments, construction, clothing fibers, and much more.

The Uses of Hemp

While pot plants are used for their THC for topical ointments, edible or inhaled medication purposes, hemp is used for a variety of other things.

Hemp seeds can be used for beer, flour, dietary fiber, baking additives, and confections. Hemp oil is used for fuel, detergents, spreads, paint, and body care items. Hemp fiber is used for insulation, fabric, carpeting, paneling, paper and pulp, recycling additive, auto parts, and animal bedding and mulch.

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