Your Guide To The Ultimate Gaming Setup


If you’re a gamer, then you know how important it is to get fully immersed in the experience. Accepting any old makeshift setup just isn’t going to get you the best experience. Which is why you ought to think about creating a full-fledged game station for yourself. If you can dedicate a whole room to it, excellent. If not, you can still benefit from the tips below that will you gaming more comfortably, more engaged, and more in control than ever.


All in one place

Most problems that gamers have all begin in one place. The physical location of the console and the TV to begin with. If you have a rigid setup that’s hard to configure, then you could be gaming with your head crooked in all sorts of uncomfortable angles which can make it hard to really get into it. Not to mention having to deal with how unorganized everything can be. To make it much simpler, you should think about getting a multi-sectioned TV and digital device stand that can have the height of individual segments adjusted. Of course, when you have a lot of wires poking out the back of one area of the room, that’s a hassle in itself. But one that’s easily sorted with cable ties. You’ll never have to worry about fussing with which wire is which again.

The cockpit

The station itself is only one part of the equation, of course. You have to think about how you’re situated in comparison to it. In particular, you need to look at getting yourself a proper gaming chair. But this is more difficult than marketers would have you believe. Armrests and black leather aren’t the only things that make a good chair. Examples such as those at show that you need support, too. In particular, a chair that supports your lower back and your head will enable to keep comfortable gaming for much longer. If you want your gaming station to include both PC and TV gaming, then you want one that can afford a good range of movement and adjustable heights. Cheaper chairs with adjustable heights tend to have an issue of dropping over time, so make sure you check them thoroughly before you finalize your decision.


Get spacing

You’re almost done with giving yourself the optimal player-to-TV arrangement. There’s just one last step and that’s thinking all about the placement. If your chair has space and your TV height is adjustable to move then you have a lot more flexibility with this. What you want is to keep the top of the TV at eye level or just a bit higher. But the sound is perhaps the most important part of making the best use of that physical space. Sites like show that different surround setups have different requirements. In general, however, you want to set up a symmetrical ‘triangle’ of speakers around your seat, ensuring that none of the speakers are having their impact lessened by being behind furniture or on the floor.

Weapons at the ready

If you enjoy a broad range of different games, then the chances are that you’re not just going to have one tool for every job. You have your controllers for your different consoles. You might have a few guitar controllers for games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. If you like fighting games, you’ll most likely have a fight stick. It’s a lot to track, so you should make it simpler by setting up a simple rack or set of shelves where they can all wait at the ready. Consider additions like free-standing controller chargers that can keep your devices on standby and fully charged, so you don’t have to keep wiring yourself to the console, too.


A different viewpoint

We can’t ignore the fact you might want to include PC gaming in the lineup, too. A good desk is an essential starting off point. Your desk should give you plenty of room to slide under without feeling penned in and should allow you plenty of space between your keyboard and mouse so your arms aren’t cooped up, either. One must-have for better enjoyment of PC gaming is a multiple screen setup like those shown at A lot of PC games nowadays include super-widescreen set up to get you more immersed, seeing not just what you would usually see, but some peripheral environment to your games, as well. For other games, those other screens can be your Teamspeak and music setups so you don’t have to alt-tab out of the game and suffer the wait of loading it back up.

Get sci-fi with it

If you want the feeling of being the real commander of your station, then commanding it all at a word is the coolest and easiest way to achieve it. Most modern gaming devices are showing connectivity with smart home devices. It’s not just your devices and TV you can control with a word, either. The lights, automatic blinds, fans, anything that can help you better create the right environment can be connected.



Get in the zone

You’ve got all the practicalities of the zone set up, but there’s still some work to be done. Pour a little love in there and let your nerd flag fly. There’s the growing trend of displaying the collection of all those favorite titles you’ve enjoyed from bygone eras, for one. But there’s also some great artwork available to gamify the walls as well. If you prefer something a little understated, you might like the look at some more minimalist or alternative posts from, perfect for a more minimalist, arty or alternative look. You don’t have to hide any of that enthusiasm away in your gaming station, however. It’s all about your preference.

There you have it. Everything you need to set up a gaming station that’s versatile, comfortable, more convenient and much more immersive than most. If you have the room to dedicate to it, there’s no reason to wait. Start experiencing gaming as you really should.

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