5 Steps To Restoring Your Garden The Sane Way


Every kind of house or garden restoration project is going to be stressful. Even when you plan to do everything slowly, in a really drawn out manner, you can still find hiccups along the way, and it can be exhausting. But, does that mean you have to let your restoration project drain you? Not always. When it comes to garden renovations, in particular, they can seem like hard work, but there are easy ways that you can get through it. Not only do you want to make sure that you do everything step by step, in a logical order, but, you’re going to want to make each step as enjoyable as possible.

Step One: Rip Out What You Don’t Want

Okay, so your first step is always going to be the removals stage. When you’re looking at completely redesign your garden, or renovating what was there when you first moved in, you need a blank canvas to get you started. And to achieve that, you’re going to need to rip out anything that you don’t want. Whether it’s lawns, flower beds, patio areas, furniture, storage – whatever. Just make sure that you take out everything that you do not wish to keep in your own design.

Step Two: Add Your Essentials First

Now that you have your blank canvas, you’re going to need to start with a strong base. The essentials parts of your garden may need to go in first. Now, not only will this mean any groundwork or footings for construction work that may be taking place, but if you need slimline water tanks, compost areas, you need to figure out where they will go first. It’s the same if you have a vegetable area. You may not be planting it yet, but you do need to know where everything will go.

Step Three: Landscape Your Design

With your essentials worked out, you’re then going to want to start on your main landscape design. The first things that you’re going to need to do to help your garden take shape are to add in the basics, like your lawn area or your patio areas. These are the main base layers that can allow your garden to come together.

Step Four: Plant, Treat & Prune

As soon the entire flooring space is planning out and laid, you can then start to build up. By now, you should have something that resembles a garden – albeit a very basic one. With a lawn and patio areas laid and room for your vegetation, the only thing left to do to help your yard transform is to get planting. Be sure to add in the plants that you love, know how to care and treat them, and then keep on top of them. If you want your garden to stay in shape, you will have to prune from the start.

Step Five: Add A Soft Touch Or Two

Then, finally, you may want to think about the finishing touches that you can add to make your garden gorgeous. At this point, you should be relatively stress-free, especially if you’ve taken each step at a time. You should now find that you’re on to the most fun part of all – bringing everything together. By adding in ideal seating, decorative ornaments, fairy lights and even heaters, you should be able to enjoy your newly restored garden straight away.

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